Riding Highway 57 — Louisiana’s Most Haunted Road

Riding Highway 57, Louisiana’s Most Haunted Road

Louisiana is home to plenty of ghost stories and mysteries, which makes it an excellent place for motorcycle road trips. While many bikers enjoy the wilderness and quintessential Cajun culture, some are looking for something more exciting. Why not try a ride down the haunted Bayou Sale Road that connects Dulac, LA, to Chauvin? If you’re willing to face ghostly visitors and other dangers, this area is well worth a visit. 

The History of Bayou Sale Road

Bayou Sale Road forms part of Louisiana Highway 57 in Terrebonne Parish. Starting in Dulac, the Bayou Sale Road connects to Grand Calliou after you cross Bayou Dulac and continues northwards until it intersects with East Tunnel Boulevard near Houma.

What makes this part of the state so interesting is its rich history, where diverse cultures collided at various times throughout history. The United Houma Nation and the Biloxi Chitimacha Choctaw Nation, the native tribes in the region, left behind over 311 burial sites. French colonists eventually supplanted these indigenous tribes, then plantation owners came, leaving behind a bloody history of slavery and abuse. 

This mixture of cultures and bloody history in this region has created a reputation for paranormal activity, with some believing the spirits of the dead haunt the area, while others suspect that it’s the hunting ground of a Cajun werewolf or Rougarou.

What to Know Before Your Ride the Bayou Sale Road — Dulac, LA to Chauvin, LA

The Bayou Sale Road itself runs from Dulac to Chavin, two extremely swampy areas in an already swampy state. The long and curvy road has very few stopping spots, which only adds to its haunted reputation.

Tackling the Bayou Sale Road from Dulac, LA, to Chauvin on a motorcycle isn’t for the faint of heart. Its reputation makes it an appealing draw for people looking for adventure, but knowing about the potential hazards will help alleviate the risks you may face during your ride. 

Ghostly Visitors

The most commonly reported sighting on Highway 57 is that of a ghostly hitchhiker. As with many popular ghost stories, drivers and riders report seeing a man at the side of the road looking for a ride. Once the driver slows down to pick up the passenger, they’ll notice that he’s transparent or disappeared altogether. Those unlucky enough to try and pick him up without him vanishing also report that he will ask for treasure or the soul of a passenger before he’s willing to leave.

Residents familiar with the highway often share ghost stories of spirits haunting the road. In many reports, these spirits take the form of the faces of the dead attached to other people’s bodies, though these are reputedly harmless if a bit creepy.

Blind Corners

In addition to the supernatural, riders have to deal with physical hazards when touring Highway 57. The narrow road winds through Bayou Dulac with twists, blind corners, and potholes, while the swampy nature of the road can also make for poor road conditions. These factors can pose massive dangers for motorcyclists, especially if you’re distracted looking for ghosts. 

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