Riding Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Motorcycle trip to Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

If you’ve ever ridden your motorcycle through Utah or Wyoming, you know the breathtaking natural views these states offer. Mountains, valleys, lakes, and forests abound in these western states, and many winding, remote roads provide excellent views of the beautiful scenery. 

The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is a beautiful route showing off some of the best scenery in Utah and Wyoming. This byway stretches between the two states, climbing through the Uinta Mountains and overlooking spectacular views below.

Read on to learn more about taking a Mirror Lake Scenic Byway motorcycle ride. 

What Is the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway? 

The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, also known as Mirror Lake Highway, is a 42-mile stretch of Route 150 that shows off beautiful mountain views. This byway is around two hours outside Salt Lake City, spanning between Kamas, Utah, and Evanston, Wyoming. 

The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway shows off spectacular panoramic views of the Uinta Mountains. This mountain range reaches an impressive elevation of 13,528 feet, rising far above the Uinta Basin in Utah and the Green River Basin in Wyoming. 

The byway climbs to an elevation of 10,687 feet alongside Bald Mountain Pass, one of the highest peaks in the western Uinta Mountain Range. From this elevation, you can see incredible views of the valleys below and the mountains surrounding the peak.

From there, you will begin descending the mountain and ride past Mirror Lake. This lake has a surface elevation of 10,050 feet, placing it in a unique location in the heights of the Uinta Mountains. Its glimmering surface resembles a mirror, reflecting the mountain scenery surrounding it. 

Next, the route will start to run alongside Bear River, which is the largest tributary of the Great Salt Lake. It spans 500 miles, making it the longest U.S. river that does not empty into an ocean. 

Finally, you’ll come upon Evanston, Wyoming, which offers numerous recreational activities. You can hike, kayak, and camp at Bear River State Park or browse historic downtown Evanston before heading back the way you came. 

Utah and Wyoming both offer beautiful scenery to experience from the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway. 

Riding the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is an excellent route to enjoy on your motorcycle. This route is remote and quiet, except for the other drivers enjoying the scenery near Bald Mountain Pass. 

While this route crosses between Wyoming and Utah, you’ll only spend about 20 minutes of riding time in Wyoming. You can expect the entire route to take close to an hour and a half without stops, but you’ll probably want to stop at a few scenic overlooks along the way. 

If you plan to use any recreational facilities, you’ll need to purchase a visitor pass. A $6 pass lasts three days, while a $12 pass lasts seven days. 

In terms of navigation, finding the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is easy. Simply take Highway 150 in Wyoming all the way to Utah, where the road becomes Utah State Road 150. You’ll see signs indicating the beginning and end of the scenic byway. 

Tips For Your Mirror Lake Scenic Byway Motorcycle Ride

The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is a relaxing, safe ride for the most part. However, you should still take caution around any curves or bends, especially as you wind up the mountain. Additionally, be sure to watch out for wildlife, such as deer, antelope, and moose, that sometimes wander into the roadway. 

You should also familiarize yourself with Wyoming and Utah motorcycle laws, as this route crosses into both states. The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway motorcycle ride is a serene, enjoyable ride showing off some of the best landscapes in Utah and Wyoming. 

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