Riding the Frontier Military Historic Byway

If you’re a history buff and a motorcycle enthusiast, you have a unique opportunity to experience Kansas’ history on your motorcycle. 

The Frontier Military Historic Byway is a 167-mile motorcycle ride that allows you to travel through time and experience numerous historic sites throughout Kansas. It offers the perfect opportunity to spend time on your motorcycle and gain a new appreciation for the state’s rich history. 

Read on for everything you need to know about motorcycle riding the Frontier Military Historic Byway. 

Frontier Military Historic Byway

The Frontier Military Historic Byway is a 167-mile historic route that begins in Fort Leavenworth and travels directly south to the Oklahoma border. The byway follows K-5 and US-69, which is the path army troops once used to transport supplies between forts. 

This scenic byway passes by numerous historical sites that enable you to learn more about Kansas’s intriguing history. You’ll find museums, battle sites, state parks and lakes, national cemeteries, and recreational attractions along this byway that tell the state’s story.

Stops Along the Frontier Military Historic Byway 

Here are a few of the essential stops to make along the Frontier Military Historic Byway:

  • Fort Leavenworth
  • Wyandotte County Lake
  • Weston Bend Bottomlands
  • National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame
  • Grinter Place
  • Shawnee Mission Park
  • Legler Barn Museum
  • Johnson County Museum
  • Ernie Miller Nature Center
  • Louisburg Cider Mill
  • The Prairie Center
  • Adair Cabin
  • Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge
  • Miami State Lake
  • Chouteau Trading Post
  • Mine Creek Civil War Battlefield Site
  • Fort Scott National Cemetery
  • Fort Scott National Historic Site
  • Fort Scott Restored Victorian Downtown District
  • Osage Indian Site
  • Crawford State Lake

Of course, stopping at all these locations will stretch the ride to longer than a day. If you’re enthusiastic about Kansas history, we recommend extending your time motorcycle riding the Frontier Military Historic Byway over several days or a week. You don’t want to feel rushed as you stop at each historic site and learn about the events that took place there. 

Directions for Riding the Frontier Military Historic Byway

The Frontier Military Historic Byway only includes a few different roads, so you won’t need to spend much time looking at directions and figuring out the next steps on your route. Here are the directions you can follow to travel this route from north to south:

  1. Begin in Leavenworth, KS, at the intersection of K-92 and K-7. 
  2. Head south on K-7. 
  3. Turn left on K-5, then continue on K-5 for 10 miles.
  4. Take the exit ramp for I-435.
  5. Continue south along I-435 for 30 miles. 
  6. Take the exit ramp for US-69.  
  7. Continue until you reach the Oklahoma border. 

You’ll likely see a few signs for the Frontier Military Historic Byway along the way, but you shouldn’t rely on these signs alone to navigate this scenic route. 

Planning for the Frontier Military Historic Byway

The Frontier Military Historic Byway is a lengthy motorcycle route that will take you close to three hours to travel without stops. You’ll then need to ride back home, adding to the trip’s length. 

As a result, preparing for the trip accordingly is essential. We recommend mapping out your route in advance and planning the stops you’d like to see. These stops aren’t located on the actual byway, so you’ll need to take exits and side streets to get to them. Knowing where you’re headed along your ride can help you stay focused on the road and ensure that you use your time efficiently. 

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