Riding the Heart of America—Motorcycle Rides in Kansas City

Motorcycle Ride in Kansas City

You may think of Kansas as expansive, flat farmland, but did you know The Sunflower State is an oasis for motorcycle riders? The heartland of America offers many wide-open roads with incredible scenery, exhilarating paths, minimal traffic, and fresh air.

If you search online for “motorcycle rides Kansas City,” you’ll find dozens of options to choose from—but how can you tell which are the best? Luckily, our team at Law Tigers, your go-to motorcycle lawyers, has put it to the test and found the top eight rides that will surely be worth your time.

1. The Tuttle Creek Scenic Drive

The Tuttle Creek scenic route, a loop starting in Manhattan taking you around Tuttle Lake and across the dam, will lead you through iconic Kansas plains. Here you can enjoy lake views, twisting turns, and some rolling hills. Be sure to fill up on gas before hitting the road because this drive lacks pit stops, though the road’s emptiness only enhances the experience. 

2. Interstate 70

Interstate 70 stretches across 400 miles of Kansas. As you ride along I-70, you can take in everything Kansas has to offer, including the buzzing scene of Kansas City, desolate ghost towns, and wide-open roads.

3. Scenic and Historic Byways

Kansas offers nine different scenic byways and three historical ones. The Native Stone Byway is perfect for thrill-seekers that want intense twists and turns through incredible scenery. The Frontier Military Historic Byway offers 167 miles of battlefields and other historical must-sees.

4. Topeka Backroads

If you want to immerse yourself in the Kansas lifestyle, explore small backroads to understand how farm living looks and feels. From Topeka, head south through hilly countryside, farms, and crop fields until you reach the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge in Hartford. Take in the natural habitats that this park offers before checking out some local shops and restaurants.

5. U.S. 24

Like I-70, U.S. 24 also crosses the entire state, though it offers a much different experience. Rather than highway driving, you can enjoy a more relaxed speed as you cruise through small towns. Make plenty of stops along the way to take in the state’s culture.

6. Route 66

If you search for “motorcycle rides Kansas City,” you’ll notice one of America’s most famous roads popping up near the top of search results. 

The infamous Route 66 stretches through a portion of Kansas, beginning in Galena. As you ride along this historic road, you can find many motorcycle-friendly stops, vintage stores, and breathtaking views. Be sure to stop at The Mother Road to enjoy plenty of shopping and photo opportunities.

7. Wyandotte County Lake Park

If you’re looking for a shady, tree-lined drive, Wyandotte County Lake Park is for you. Follow along the lake loop through the woods to enjoy exhilarating turns, serene nature, and unforgettable views of light reflecting off the water. Stop for a picnic by the lake to take in the full experience.

8. The Mac Box

If you want the classic Kansas motorcycle driving experience, The Mac Box, a rectangular route starting in McPherson, offers vast fields and the Maxwell refuge filled with buffalo. Ride along the entire drive in just an hour to see iconic views and incredible animals. Start in McPherson, then east on 56 to Canton, north to Roxbury, west on Smoky Valley Road towards Lindsborg.

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