Riding the Illinois Wine Trail

The Illinois Wine Trail is a motorcycle route that takes you to 11 of the best wineries in the state. This trail travels around the Shawnee National Forest, offering scenic views of Illinois wilderness and plenty of wine to go around. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about riding the Illinois wine trail. 

What Is the Illinois Wine Trail? 

The Illinois Wine Trail is a scenic route that passes through 11 award-winning wineries near Shawnee Hills, IL. This trail spans 35 miles, making it an easy path to traverse in a single day. You can stop at each winery and enjoy a bite to eat, then continue on to the next step at your leisure. Alternatively, you can stop by one or two wineries each weekend, extending the trail over several months. 

You can also download a passport on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail website to take with you from winery to winery. Each time you visit a new stop, you can receive a stamp on your passport. Then, once you’ve stopped at all 11 wineries, you’ll have a memento to remember your wine trail completion. 

Wineries Along the Wine Trail

The Illinois Wine Trail includes 11 of the state’s best wineries:

  • Alto Vineyards  
  • Blue Sky Vineyard 
  • Feather Hills Vineyard
  • Hickory Ridge Vineyard
  • Honker Hill Winery
  • Kite Hill Vineyard
  • Owl Creek Vineyard
  • Pomona Winery
  • PeachBarn Winery
  • StarView Vineyards
  • Von Jakob Vineyard

Other Attractions Near the Illinois Wine Trail

As you’re motorcycle riding the Illinois Wine Trail, you can consider stopping at other attractions in the area. Shawnee Hills is a beautiful region of Illinois with many natural features and fun attractions to enjoy. Here are a few stops to add to your Illinois Wine Trail motorcycle trip:

Shawnee National Forest

If you enjoy spending time in nature, you’ll want to spend at least a few hours exploring the Shawnee National Forest during your trip. This beautiful national forest is filled with vast woodlands, sprawling hills, and sparkling lakes. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and more during your time at Shawnee. 

If you enjoy camping, you can extend your Illinois Wine Trail trip across a week or a long weekend and camp each night at the Shawnee National Forest. You’ll find many campgrounds around the forest that nestle you into the heart of the Illinois wilderness. 

Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods in Herod, IL, is another scenic area to add to your motorcycle tour. This garden is part of the Shawnee National Forest and features massive rock formations and other beautiful scenery. You can ride your bike along a trail that includes twisties and narrow paths perfect for the adventurous motorcyclist. 

Blessing of the Bikes Fest

If you plan your trip right, you can participate in the Illinois Wine Trail at the same time as the Blessing of the Bikes Fest. This motorcycle festival takes place each May at the Bald Knob Cross of Peace in Bald Knob Mountain, IL. Religious and non-religious bikers alike gather at this festival to enjoy food, motorcycle-themed events, local beer and wine, and blessings for a safe motorcycle season ahead.  

As you plan for motorcycle riding the Illinois wine trail, remember to keep safety as a number one priority. Never attempt to operate a motorcycle while intoxicated. 

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