Riding the Red Bluff Run – Mississippi Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle ride to Red Bluff, Mississippi

Red Bluff, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Mississippi, is a beautiful geological feature in Marion County, Mississippi. This canyon features the red sediment the Grand Canyon is known for, bringing a bit of Western beauty to the south. 

If you’re a motorcyclist, riding your bike around Red Bluff is an excellent way to experience this feature to the fullest. Read on to learn more about riding the Red Buff Run Mississippi motorcycle rides. 

What Is Red Bluff?

Red Bluff, commonly known as the “Little Grand Canyon” or the “Grand Canyon of the Mississippi,” is a geological feature outside Morgantown and Foxworth, Mississippi. This natural feature resembles a canyon because of erosion from the Pearl River nearby. However, the inside of the “canyon” exposes red clay mixed with sand, soil, and other colors of sediments, creating a beautiful attraction akin to the red rocks out west. 

Red Bluff is a lesser-known attraction due to its location in Mississippi and unique landscape. The bluff has a steep 400-foot incline from bottom to top, unlike any other natural feature in Mississippi. It’s also almost a mile long and half a mile wide. 

The land on which Red Bluff is located is privately owned, so you can’t hike in and around the bluff. As a result, most people experience the cliff from Mississippi Highway 587, which offers roadside views of the scenic canyon. Riding your motorcycle on nearby roads can allow you to witness this natural beauty for yourself. 

Red Bluff Run Motorcycle Rides

 We recommend incorporating Red Bluff Run Mississippi motorcycle rides into your next scenic road trip. Locals consider the ride to Red Bluff one of the best motorcycle rides in the state due to the gorgeous canyon views from miles around. 

The most straightforward ride to Red Bluff is from Foxworth. Just head northeast on Racetrack Rd, and you’ll come upon the canyon on your right. 

However, the highways around the Red Bluff also offer scenic views you can enjoy from your motorcycle. For example, Mississippi Highway 587 provides spectacular canyon views, while Highway 19 showcases the sprawling green pastures around this rural area. If you want to turn your Red Bluff visit into an afternoon motorcycle road trip, you can take a few of the surrounding highways during your ride. 

Here’s a 100-mile route you can follow that ends at Red Bluff: 

  1. Begin in Columbia.
  2. Head south on Highway 19.
  3. Continue through Baxterville.
  4. Head north on Little Black Creek Rd once you reach Lumberton. 
  5. Turn right on Purvis to Baxterville Rd.
  6. Turn left onto Mulberry St once you reach Purvis. 
  7. Mulberry St turns into Purvis to Columbia Rd, then Columbia Purvis Rd. 
  8. Turn left on Highway 98. 
  9. Once you reach Foxworth, head north on Highway 587 until you get to Red Bluff. 

This awesome ride will take anywhere from two to four hours, depending on how many stops you make. You’ll pass through several quaint towns with restaurants, gas stations, and beautiful scenery. While it’s a bit of a curvy route, it’s still manageable for intermediate riders. 

Once you ride up to Red Bluff on Highway 587, you’ll begin getting glimpses of the red canyon from the roadside. Make sure to stop in a safe location if you want to admire the view off your bike. A few pull-offs nearby offer beautiful views of the canyon, and you may see other drivers at these stops. 

If you’re planning a Mississippi road trip, riding the Red Bluff Run Mississippi motorcycle rides should be high on your to-do list. And if you ever need an attorney after being injured in a motorcycle accident, call Law Tigers – toll free and nationwide. (888) 863-7216.