Riding the Red Bluff Run

Motorcycle trip to Red Bluff, Mississippi

Are you looking for a cool place to ride your motorcycle in Mississippi? We recommend checking out Red Bluff. 

Red Bluff is a geological formation with a beautiful red rockface, resembling a smaller version of the Grand Canyon. You can incorporate this breathtaking feature into your Mississippi motorcycle trip. Read on to learn more about taking a Red Bluff run motorcycle ride. 

Red Bluff: Mississippi’s Little Grand Canyon 

Red Bluff is an eye-catching geological feature that locals refer to as the “Little Grand Canyon.” This Mississippi landmark is located in Marion County, Mississippi, just slightly northwest of Morgantown. 

Red Bluff developed due to erosion from the Pearl River. It is made up of red clay, sand, soil, and other sediments in various hues, giving the bluff its unique coloring. Its walls rise to approximately 371 feet above sea level with sharp slopes into the Pearl River. 

This geological formation continues to develop and change as the Pearl River erodes the rock face further. This erosion has forced the movement of Mississippi Highway 587 at least twice. 

Red Bluff is a truly beautiful sight to see with its striking red rock face that almost glows at sunset. We recommend taking the time to visit this landmark during your Mississippi motorcycle ride. 

Riding the Red Bluff Run 

Even though Red Bluff is a popular natural attraction within Mississippi, this landmark is located on private land. As a result, you cannot hike around Red Bluff or spend too much time on the property where the feature is located. 

Riding your motorcycle near Red Bluff is one of the best ways to experience this breathtaking landmark. You can view the bluff from several points along Mississippi Highway 587 near Morgantown.

If you see a safe place to stop and take pictures along the highway, feel free to do so. The property owners know that people come from all over to experience the beauty of Red Bluff, and you shouldn’t have any problems stopping for a few minutes along the edge of the landmark. 

Things to Do Near Red Bluff

After you finish taking in the beauty of Red Bluff on your motorcycle, you can experience several other attractions in the area. 

Here are a few things to do near Red Bluff:

Fish at Lake Bill Waller

Lake Bill Waller is a beautiful 168-acre lake in Marion County. This lake is a popular fishing destination, as it is home to numerous trophy largemouth bass, bluegills, and other fish species. You can spend the day fishing at this lake or simply soaking in the beautiful views of the Mississippi countryside. If you do plan on fishing, make your fishing license is up to date and approved!

Visit Historic Columbia

Columbia is a historic city in Marion County, just a short drive from Red Bluff. This city was established in the early 1800s and named after Columbia, South Carolina, where many early settlers migrated from. 

You can spend a day exploring this historic city and checking out some of its unique businesses, such as the Southern Fried Rabbit restaurant. 

Tips For Your Red Bluff Run Motorcycle Ride 

Before you set out on your Red Bluff run motorcycle ride, you need to take a few measures to prepare adequately. Here are our tips to help you get ready for your trip:

  • Review Mississippi’s motorcycle laws and helmet requirements.
  • Pack emergency tools and supplies in your storage compartment.
  • Fuel up before you leave, and keep an eye out for gas stations along the way. 
  • Stop out of the flow of traffic if you’d like to take pictures. 

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