Road Trip Pit Stops: The 7 Best Restaurants in Louisiana

Louisiana is full of fine restaurants worthy of fueling hungry riders looking for some delicious food and drink. While we’re sure this list will kick up some controversy, our hope is that you’ll be the last person to miss out on the best biker bars and restaurants to find in Louisiana.

If you haven’t been to any of our select Louisiana restaurants, then it’s time to grab your crew, hop on your bikes, and get your grub on!

The 7 Best Biker Bars and Restaurants in Louisiana

The Louisiana motorcycle community is all about taking care of their own, and these restaurants and bars do a great job of that. We chose seven out of dozens of qualified food stops, not listed in any particular order:

1.   Creole Tomateaux: This Covington cult-favorite is somewhat new to the food scene, but it has won the heart and taste buds of tourists and locals alike. With delicious Bayou cuisine featuring seafood and other rich home style dishes, Creole Tomateaux is a mainstay for all hungry riders. Come in for some biker hospitality, a hearty meal, and a cold beverage after your favorite Louisiana motorcycle ride.

2.   Don’s Seafood Hut: Don’s Seafood Hut in Lafayette has long since been a staple for hungry motorcycle riders, making it even a historical landmark for Louisianan cuisine. Since their inception in 1934, they’ve been a haven for bikers to eat and drink, and their Cajun-based menu has consistently produced classics. The atmosphere is family-friendly, but lively enough that taking a group ride there will be plenty of entertainment. And at the end of the day, it’s hard to beat some of their classic dishes like hush puppies, shrimp po’ boys, and crawfish.

3.   Southside Café: The Southside Café is a laid back spot to relax after a hefty ride from Slidell. We love places that cater to any type of rider at almost any time of day. It fits right in with the spirit of the Louisiana motorcycle community – have a good time at your own pace, and bring the party wherever you go. Their sandwiches are hearty and delicious, and the drinks are cold and strong – we’re sold!

4.   The Blue Crab: All motorcycle roads in Louisiana lead to delicious biker-friendly restaurants. Or at least that’s what you would think with all this mouth-watering food. The Blue Crab in New Orleans is a picturesque waterside restaurant known for their comfort food. You can pull your bike right up to it and eat crab, fish, and oysters on the dock while sipping a cool beverage. After a long day trip, who wouldn’t spend an evening at the Blue Crab?

5.   Whiskey River: Whiskey River is where the locals go to dance, celebrate, and have a good time at the end of a hard day’s ride. The good news is that we’re letting you in on the secret so you can, too. They have Cajun and Zydeco music playing around the clock, with live local music from 4 pm to 8 pm. We recommend bringing your dancing shoes, appetite, and your thirst for adventure when you ride on down to Whiskey River.

6.   Bayou Thunder: The Bayou Thunder Saloon is a biker-friendly bar that encourages anyone and everyone to come on in and have a great time. They host bike nights, karaoke, and the Bayou Thunder Harley-Davidson events, among others. Most importantly, their staff is amazing, the drinks hit just right, and they know how to treat a bar full of bikers looking for a party. This Louisiana staple is in Shreveport, so head on over if you’re looking to enjoy yourself at the end of a motorcycle ride.

7.   Plaisance’s Bar: Plaisance’s Bar is one of the most traditional biker dive bars you will find in Louisiana. Located in Gretna, they know how to serve ‘em up to thirsty riders, and the spot is perfect for kicking your feet up after a long ride. They have $1 beers, great bar food, and it’s a great place to catch a game, play some cards, and talk shop with your fellow riders.

There are dozens of phenomenal motorcycle-friendly restaurants in Louisiana, and we hope these seven will get you started on discovering them the more you ride around the state.  Be sure to share any of your favorites that didn’t make the list!

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