Role of Accident Reconstruction in Motorcycle Injury Cases

Accident Reconstruction

For all the freedom that motorcycles give you, it comes at a cost. There’s very little to protect you should you have an accident. Many motorcycles don’t have seatbelts, which means even a small collision could send you flying over the handlebars and into the street.

If you’ve had a motorcycle crash, you may wonder how to hold the person who hit you accountable. Accident reconstruction for motorcycle crashes is just one of many tools your lawyer may use to establish fault in your case.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Have you ever seen a TV crime drama in which characters analyze evidence in a forensics lab? Accident reconstruction is a little bit like that. An accident reconstructionist, such as a forensic engineer or qualified law enforcement agent, goes over the accident scene with a fine-tooth comb to learn how the crash really happened.

Accident reconstructionists look for clues that the average person would normally miss. Those clues paint a picture as to who was responsible for the accident.

How Can an Accident Reconstructionist Help Your Case?

Does your motorcycle accident case need a reconstructionist? Not all do. But if there’s any doubt as to who caused the accident, your lawyer might want to consult one.

In some states, the law bars you from any award if you’re more than 50% or 51% at fault for the crash. In a few others, you can’t seek damages if you’re even 1% at fault for the wreck.

This is why an accident reconstructionist can be so helpful, if the facts are on your side.

To paint a clearer picture of your case, an accident reconstructionist will look at police reports and eyewitness testimony. They’ll check out the scene of the crash, too, where they’ll look for physical evidence like tire skid marks, hidden road signs, and broken traffic lights.

For instance, skid marks could reveal how hard you and the other driver braked. This evidence could suggest that the other driver didn’t see you in time because they were talking on their phone or otherwise distracted in some way.

Accident reconstruction for motorcycle crashes can help you find factors that led to your accident, such as:

  • Bad weather or road conditions
  • Aggressive driving
  • Speeding
  • Poor visibility
  • Vehicle defects

Be Prepared for Your Opponent to Call Their Own Reconstructionist

Having an accident reconstructionist on your side sounds like an ace in your pocket, but you’re not the only one who can call one to the stand.

When the defense learns that you’re using an accident reconstructionist, they’ll likely call one of their own. The defense attorney will try to use this testimony to establish that you, not their client, caused the accident.

This is another reason why it’s smart to have a skilled lawyer on your side. They’ll look for holes in the defense’s arguments to help prove who’s truly liable in your case.

Reach Out to Law Tigers to Learn More

If you’ve had a motorcycle crash, don’t wait to call a lawyer. Every state has a statute of limitations on personal injury claims (typically around two years). If you want to seek damages, but you’ve passed that deadline, you’ll be out of luck. That means you’ll likely be stuck paying for your own medical bills and the cost of fixing your bike.

Finding an accident reconstructionist and building a rock-solid case takes time, so don’t delay. To learn more about accident reconstruction for motorcycle crashes, call Law Tigers at (888) 863-7216 anytime. We provide free case evaluations and can direct you to an accident lawyer in your area.