Salt Lake Photo Ops – A Riders Guide

A photo of Temple Square during night time, Salt Lake City,

Salt Lake City, Utah, has some of the best views in the Western United States. Salt Lake City is the perfect place for motorcyclists to cruise on their bikes and take photographs of the many beautiful vistas surrounding the city.

Top Photo Spots in Salt Lake City for Bikers

We compiled a list of the top photo spots in Salt Lake City, from the Bonneville salt flats and the Great Salt Lake to Temple Square. Check out our list below, and don’t miss these unforgettable views on your next motorcycle trip through Utah.

1. The Great Salt Lake

As the city’s namesake, this vast lake provides endless opportunities for photographers to capture its beauty. As the biggest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, the lake has a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna. Head over on your bike around dusk and get ready to take some amazing pictures of the sunset and natural surroundings.

2. Bonneville Salt Flats

You’ll think you’ve somehow been transported to an alien world when you pull your bike up to the Bonneville Salt Flats. These enormous flats comprise about 46 square miles of a thick white salt crust. If you’re cruising through Utah’s national parks, the Bonneville Salt Flats is undeniably one of the top photo spots in Salt Lake City.

3. Temple Square

As you may know, Utah has a rich history involving the Mormon church. Even if you’re not religious, Temple Square is an incredible spot to take some photos on your bike. The Temple has a unique, neo-gothic style and plenty of remarkable architecture to photograph. Check out the ledge by the artificial pond, which makes the perfect place to take some snapshots. Plus, you can take a quick break on your bike and get a bite to eat at some of the many restaurants and cafes around Temple Square.

4. Wasatch Mountain State Park

Take your bike through the amazing Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway in Wasatch Mountain State Park for fantastic views and snapshots. You’ll see beautiful forests, wildflowers, stately trees, and everything else nature has to offer. The Empire Pass Ridge provides another stunning photo op: a bird’s eye view of the valley below.

5. Tibble Fork Reservoir

The Tibble Fork Reservoir is smack dab in the American Fork Canyon and features a vast lake with deep blue water surrounded by majestic mountains. Get ready to enjoy an incredible bike ride on winding canyon roads and scenic views. Whether you photograph the surrounding mountains or the lake itself, add Tibble Fork Reservoir to your bike trip.

6. Big Cottonwood Canyon

Getting to Big Cottonwood Canyon is relatively easy on a bike and promises a beautiful ride through some of Utah’s best scenery. You’ll be able to take some dramatic photographs of the Canyon’s multi-colored rock layers and looming cliffs, which provide the perfect backdrop for pictures. Highway 210 runs along the length of the Canyon and is simple to conquer on your bike. Just be sure your motorcycle has the horsepower to climb the many steep grades Big Cottonwood offers.

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