San Jose Motorcycle Rides: Touring Silicon Valley, California

Motorcycle ride on San Jose hills

Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area are mainstays in movie backdrops, but if you’re a biker who loves scenic rides, you need to visit this iconic part of the Golden State. You can find plenty of routes around San Jose that cut through the Santa Cruz Mountains or take you down the stunning Pacific coast. 

It’s time to get in the saddle. Read on as our team of motorcycle-riding attorneys from Law Tigers take you through a few of the best San Jose motorcycle rides. We have lawyers nationwide available to help motorcyclists who need representation in legal or personal injury cases. 

However, we’d much rather see you having a safe trip on your bike and enjoying the scenery than ending up in a courtroom. Ride safely!

Mount Hamilton Loop

Mount Hamilton is 4,196 feet high, and getting to the top requires a bit of technical riding skill as you navigate tight turns and switchbacks. This 100-mile trip will start in San Jose and take a full day of riding. 

You’ll get on Mount Hamilton Road (Route 130) and work your way up the mountain past gorgeous meadows and farmland. Be careful of potholes, bicyclists, and scurrying wildlife. You should check out the James Lick Observatory and its visitor center when you get to the top. 

On this route, you’ll find stunning vistas of the Bay Area that you can’t find anywhere else. As you ride down Mount Hamilton via Mines Road, enjoy the refreshing wilderness and twisty turns.

Morgan Territory Road

Sometimes, you just need to disconnect and ride out into the middle of nowhere to clear your head. This 15-mile route is perfect for quality time, just yourself and your bike. 

You’ll start in Livermore, following Highway 580 east toward Morgan Territory Road. The landscape transitions from farmland to thick forests as you ride into the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. The road is one lane, full of blind corners and sweeping turns, so drive carefully. Cruising this empty stretch is thrilling, but beware of unmaintained parts of the road. 

If you’re into hiking or rock climbing, it’s worth riding up to nearby Mt. Diablo. You can check out the trails, the Mount Diablo Summit Museum, or the beautiful vistas at Devil’s Pulpit.

Castro Valley to Berkeley

This 23-mile route takes you right by UC Berkeley and offers fantastic views of the Bay Area. The ride features plenty of twisty turns that let you truly enjoy being on your motorcycle away from the city traffic. 

The climax of this route is Grizzly Peak, which you can reach via Skyline Boulevard. The peak looks down on all of the Bay Area, showing you a striking panorama of San Francisco and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. 

You can also visit UC Berkeley, a beautiful campus that’s been in more than a few movies. Finish your ride by grabbing a bite to eat or a coffee before walking along the Memorial Glade, where students have picnics in the grass.

Sierra Road Loop

The Sierra Road Loop will treat you to magnificent views of the South Bay. The route is only 12 miles long and starts at the intersection of Sierra Road and Piedmont Road. After you climb the hill for a few miles, you’ll come across a vista point where you can stop to take in the scenery. You’ll see the rolling foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Calaveras Reservoir. 

Take Felter Road into Calaveras Road to wind your way back out of the hills. The route is a fun ride with lots of curving sections of the road, but there are a few hazards to watch out for, like potholes and oncoming traffic where the road becomes a single lane.

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