Searcy to Siloam Springs Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle ride from Searcy to Siloam Springs

Riding your motorcycle through the Arkansas countryside is an excellent way to spend a Saturday. If you’re planning your next Arkansas scenic ride, we recommend considering the route from Searcy to Siloam Springs. 

Searcy and Siloam Springs, AR, both offer plenty of attractions to fill an afternoon. Additionally, the route that stretches between these two towns includes beautiful sights of Greers Ferry Lake, Pedestal Rock, and other scenic areas. 

Read on to learn more about taking a Searcy to Siloam Springs motorcycle ride. 

Riding from Searcy to Siloam Springs

Searcy and Siloam Springs are located about 259 miles apart, making for just over four hours of riding time on your motorcycle. The route features various elevation changes and twisties that produce an exciting ride. It also takes you past stunning views that perfectly capture the beauty of the Arkansas landscape. 

One of the most popular attractions along this route is Greers Ferry Lake. This route travels across the lake in several sections, offering stunning views of the sparkling waters below. 

Greers Ferry Lake is a reservoir about 60 miles north of Little Rock. It’s nestled in the Ozark foothills and surrounded by dense forests and lush greenery. 

This lake is one of the clearest, cleanest lakes in the country, featuring over 30,000 acres of surface water. You can enjoy this beautiful body of water by swimming, kayaking, waterskiing, fishing, scuba diving, or simply soaking in the stunning views. 

The Searcy to Siloam Springs motorcycle ride also passes through the Pedestal Rock Scenic Area in Witts Springs, AR. This natural area features unique rock formations and giant pedestals that resemble scenery in the western states. You’ll also find miles of hiking trails, gushing waterfalls, and stunning views all around at this scenic area. 

You can check out Ozark Rides for step-by-step directions for this motorcycle route from Searcy to Siloam Springs. 

Things to Do in Searcy

We recommend beginning your motorcycle trip by taking time to explore Searcy, AR. This small town offers a cozy atmosphere, historical features, and relaxing scenery to start your journey on the right foot. 

If you’re a history buff, we recommend checking out Pioneer Village in Searcy. This preservation project, known as “Searcy’s best-kept secret,” includes a collection of 19th-century buildings and farm equipment. You can take a self-guided tour of the grounds, enjoy lunch at one of the picnic areas, and get a taste of what life was like in the late 1800s. 

You can also check out Bald Knob Refuge, a 15,000-acre wildlife refuge home to bald eagles and migratory waterfowl. This area is perfect for relaxing and taking in some scenery before your motorcycle trip. 

Things to Do In Siloam Springs

Once you reach Siloam Springs, AR, you can enjoy several fun attractions that show off the city’s history and natural beauty. 

If you’re a kayaking fan, you can rent a kayak at the City of Siloam Springs Kayak Park. Alternatively, you can take a stroll around the City Lake Park, which features an asphalt walking trail and elevated wood ramps. 

The Siloam Springs Museum highlights the city’s heritage, including its Native American culture, early medicine, and pioneer life. You can learn more about this small town by browsing through the museum. 

Preparing For Your Motorcycle Ride

Before you set out on your Searcy to Siloam Springs motorcycle ride, we recommend checking a few tasks off your list:

  • Review Arkansas’s motorcycle laws and helmet requirements.
  • Check your bike for any maintenance problems.
  • Pack your storage compartment with emergency supplies, tools, and extra food and water.
  • Familiarize yourself with the route, so you don’t become distracted while riding.


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