Senate Bill 1082 secures funding for motorcycle safety training & education

amsaf denate bill

AMSAF (Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation) Executive Director Mick Deng and other motorcycle safety enthusiasts appealed to the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday afternoon to reinstate the collection of $1 from every motorcycle registration to be placed in a motorcycle safety fund for future training. Watch the passing of Senate Bill 1082 with Mick Deng in this video.

In Deng’s presentation to the senate, his talking points were persuasive and on point:

  • In Arizona, we have an issue and Motorcycle Crashes and Fatalities have been increasing. We have to do something about this and the State can’t change this by themselves. This bill helps the community to get more involved and we’re starting to see that.
  • In Arizona the majority of the crashes and fatalities happen between the ages of 20-50. AMSAF is a nonprofit 501c3 and through this fund we get grants to give out motorcycle training courses to get riders into training. We feel education is the best way to help tackle this problem.
  • The majority of AMSAF’s scholarships go to individuals between the ages of 20-50. This is not by design but it ties with where the majority of the crashes and fatalities are so we’re helping that market.
  • 68% of the scholarships that we donate are to individuals who have no experience.
  • We also have a population that is riding without a motorcycle endorsement. This fund and the scholarships are helping to get this population into training and education.
  • Affordability is an issue. We’re helping folks get the training at a reduced cost. Think about your priorities. Where does Safety fall? We’re helping with this fund to move safety up that priority list.
  • Surveys show participants learn a lot from a riding course. Let’s face it, motorcycle riding is risky but for many folks this is their main source of transportation
  • This fund has allowed us to team up with local police to help on motorcycle training and get those folks into additional training through the scholarships.

The bill passed and one dollar from every motorcycle registration will be placed in a motorcycle safety fund to use for training. Learn more about AMSAF and its commitment to providing motorcycle safety education to Arizona motorcycle riders here.