SoCal Motorcycle Rides – Cabrillo National Monument’s Haunted Lighthouse

Cabrillo National Monument's Haunted Lighthouse

If you plan to visit Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, CA, by motorcycle, you’re in for a treat. Smooth curves, rolling hills, and stunning ocean views make this scenic ride a fun, relaxing choice for bikers. Located at the southernmost tip of Point Loma Peninsula near San Diego, the Cabrillo National Monument is a must-see attraction that will become the highlight of your South California bike trip.

What Makes the Cabrillo National Monument Worth Visiting?

The Cabrillo National Monument marks the historical moment of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s landing at San Diego Bay in 1542. navigator and explorer Cabrillo’s crew members were the first Europeans to reach the western coast of what is now the continental United States.

The most iconic attraction of the park is undoubtedly the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, dating from 1855. The old lighthouse closed in 1891 but today remains active as a museum where you can enjoy an authentic feel of the era. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises and heavy footsteps and feeling cold spots, all of which some believe are the ghost of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.

If you happen to visit Cabrillo National Monument by motorcycle during the Cabrillo Festival, which takes place every year around September 28, you can watch a reenactment of the famous landing and enjoy other attractions, like local food and traditional singing and dancing.

How to Get There

You can reach the Cabrillo National Monument through various routes, including Downtown San Diego, Interstate 5 north- or southbound, and Interstate 8 westbound. All roads to the park lead to the Cabrillo Memorial Drive, also known as Catalina Boulevard or State Highway 209, which features a U.S. Navy gate and structures.

You will also glimpse Downtown San Diego and Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery against a panoramic Pacific Ocean backdrop.

Bikers can take advantage of a motorcycle-friendly parking lot near the Visitor Center. You can also park at the tide pool lots, but keep in mind that parking may be scarce during weekends, holidays, and low tide times.

When you get off your bike to explore the Cabrillo National Monument by foot, you can take advantage of the paved sidewalks and paths that lead to the Lighthouse area, whale-watching point, and other attractions throughout the park, all located conveniently close to the Visitor Center.

Travel Tips for Visiting the Cabrillo National Monument

To make the most of your visit to the Cabrillo National Monument, remember to:

  • Watch out for bicyclists, joggers, walkers, and wildlife such as squirrels, lizards, and snakes as you take the Cabrillo Memorial Drive.
  • Pay attention to pedestrians as you ride into the park.
  • Prepare for absent cell service at the tide pool area.
  • Ride carefully at all times, but especially during low visibility conditions like fog, mist, or low clouds, which may occur year-round at the Cabrillo National Monument.
  • Observe the speed limit, which is 35 mph on Cabrillo Memorial Drive, 25 mph on Cabrillo Road (which leads to the tide pools), and 15 mph closer to the entrance station.
  • Stay away from U.S. Navy property and limited-access areas around the park.

Also, keep in mind that most areas of the park are off-limits to pets, except service dogs.

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