Spring Safety Driver Tips for Wyoming Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Spring Safety Driver Tips

Wyoming is a dream destination for bikers who love open-road riding, magnificent nature views, and a rugged backcountry experience. As spring approaches and you make plans for epic motorcycle rides to explore the Cowboy State, don’t forget to keep safety in mind.

Reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents by paying extra attention to weather shifts, tough roads, and motorcycle performance on your first spring rides. Check out these five spring road tips for Wyoming motorcyclists.

1. Pay Attention to the Weather

Spring weather in Wyoming can be extremely unpredictable. Rainstorms, high winds, and melting snow create challenging road conditions even for experienced bikers. Check the weather forecast before you set out and mark up places where you can stop for shelter.

Remember that some high-altitude byways may close for riding because of late snowfalls. Make sure the area where you plan to go is open and, if necessary, map out an alternative route.

2. Tune Up Your Bike

Some areas in Wyoming are extremely remote, and the last thing you want is to run into an issue with your bike when the nearest repair shop is many miles away.

If you took a break from riding during the winter, your bike needs a check-up and possibly a tune-up. Make sure your motorcycle is in proper working order before you hit the road. Check tires, controls, brakes, lights, electrical systems, and fluids.

3. Wear Protective Gear

Although the State of Wyoming only mandates motorcycle helmets for riders under 18, wearing a DOT-approved full-face helmet keeps you safe whenever you hop on your bike, especially in spring, when the weather is unstable and roads are more slippery than usual. Helmet use when riding is one of the easiest and most important spring road tips for Wyoming motorcyclists.

Don’t forget the motorcycle safety gear essentials, like a riding jacket and pants, boots, and riding gloves.

4. Beware of Wildlife Crossings

Wyoming is famous for its magnificent wildlife, like deer, moose, pronghorn, and elk. However, here’s a sobering fact: about 15% of vehicle crashes in Wyoming occur because of a collision with big game animals.

Spring means a burst of activity and migration for animals, so paying extra attention to road hazards like wildlife is one of the most important spring road tips for Wyoming motorcyclists. This is especially true when you ride through national parks and high-priority wildlife crossing areas.

5. Observe Speed Limits

Although you can ride up to 80 mph on some Wyoming interstates, most areas have a much lower speed limit. In Yellowstone National Park, you can only go up to 45 mph, and you may have to ride much slower on many road stretches, depending on the terrain. Pay attention to speed limits to ride lawfully and protect yourself and others.

Scenic Attractions to Explore in Wyoming

Wyoming abounds in pristine nature and breathtaking views. The state offers endless opportunities to explore if you love a scenic route. Some of our favorite routes and destinations in Wyoming include:

  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop (near Rock Springs, WY)
  3. Grand Teton National Park
  4. Bighorn National Forest
  5. Snowy Range Scenic Byway (Highway 130)

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