Starting Them Out Right – Motorcycle Gear For Kids

motorcycle gear for kids

Taking your child along for a motorcycle ride is an excellent way to bond with them and share your love for the ride. However, as you probably know, safety is of utmost importance while riding with your kids. You should implement every possible safety measure to keep them secure and comfortable on the ride — including buying them the appropriate gear. 

Along with keeping them safe, having the necessary gear can also instill in your child the importance of protective equipment if they ever decide to get their own bike one day. As a result, buying the best gear for your child now is essential. 

Read on to learn more about motorcycle gear for kids. 


Wearing a helmet is crucial while riding a motorcycle. If you do not typically wear a helmet, you’ll want to start wearing one before you can expect your kid to also wear one on the bike. 

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure to pick out an appropriate helmet for your child. We recommend full-face helmets, which offer maximum protection and comfort while riding. You can find DOT-certified youth helmets at most places that sell adult-sized ones. 

Generally, you should evaluate a child’s motorcycle helmet to the same standards as your own helmet. Skimping on this essential protective gear could place your child at risk of a head injury if you’re involved in a crash while riding with them. 


Armored jackets are also essential for kids to wear while riding a motorcycle. These jackets can protect their upper body and arms in the event of a crash, helping prevent common accident injuries like road rash. 

Additionally, jackets can help your child feel more comfortable while riding. While you may be used to the constant wind pelting you on your bike, your child may feel uncomfortable or chilly without a protective jacket. 

When choosing a jacket, make sure it fits your child snugly without being too tight. You’ll probably need to look for a youth-sized riding jacket rather than expecting your child to fit into an adult-sized option. 


Riding gloves can offer an additional protective element if you’re involved in an accident while your child is riding with you. However, on a day-to-day basis, gloves can protect your child’s hands from debris while riding and give them a better grip to hold on to you.

Looking for youth-sized motorcycle gloves can ensure that the gloves you choose fit your child’s hands snugly without feeling too bulky.


Some parents opt to purchase motorcycle pants for their children to provide the best protection for their legs while riding. While it may not be necessary to buy motorcycle-specific pants, you should at least ensure that your child wears thick pants, such as denim or work pants, while on your bike. 

Thick pants can protect your child’s legs from debris or even road rash in the event of a crash. Additionally, these pants can prevent burns if your child accidentally touches their leg to the exhaust pipe. 


Finally, you should purchase thick, high-quality boots for your child to wear while riding. You probably won’t find specific motorcycle boots for kids, but most work-style boots should suffice. Just make sure they extend above your child’s ankles and have a thick enough construction to offer solid protection against heat and debris.  

Gathering the necessary motorcycle gear for kids is essential to having the safest and most enjoyable riding experience with your child. However, sometimes taking every safety measure can still result in an unexpected accident or injury.

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