Stress-Free Motorcycle Camping Essentials

Motorcycle Camping Essentials

Planning a motorcycle camping trip requires thought and ingenuity as you seek to pack what you need but not more than you need. Whether you’re just heading out for a quick weekend getaway or planning an epic backcountry adventure on your bike, you’ll want to bring the proper motorcycle camping products. Check out our motorcycle camping gear list to make sure you’re fully equipped when you hit the road.

Sleeping Gear

For overnight camping, you’ll need:

  • A tent: Choose a light, compact foldable tent, preferably a freestanding model you don’t need to peg in.
  • Sleeping bags: Pack a sleeping bag that is as low-volume as possible but still warm enough for the weather you expect.
  • Sleeping pad: Bring a sleeping pad for insulation and comfort. You may like an inflatable mattress versus a bulky foam mat.
  • Camping pillows: A small, inflatable travel pillow might help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Pro tip: Consider investing in durable hard plastic or aluminum saddlebags if you do a lot of motorcycle camping. While hard luggage will add bulk to your bike, it makes compact packing easier. Lockable luggage will also protect any valuables you bring along.

Cooking Gear

If you’re planning to cook on your trip, consider packing:

  • A small, portable gas stove
  • A compact, space-saving cooking set
  • Durable, lightweight plastic cutlery
  • A high-quality knife for food prep
  • A foldable cutting board
  • A can opener

Pro tip: Pack lightweight foods that don’t require refrigeration, and stash up on no-cook snacks like protein bars, trail mix, and crackers. And, of course, you’ll need drinking water.

Essentials for Motorcycle Camping

You’ll also want to bring these motorcycle camping products:

  • Compact clothing that dries easily
  • A flashlight or head torch with batteries
  • A strong lamp for your tent and campsite
  • Toiletries: eco-friendly hard soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • A first aid kit with adhesive bandages, gauze, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, and painkillers
  • A multi-tool set that includes a bottle opener, a quality knife, scissors, and tweezers
  • Plastic bags for collecting trash
  • A basic motorcycle repair kit

Pro tip: To save luggage space, wear a jacket with lots of pockets for stashing small items you need within easy reach.

Extra Gear for Motorcycle Camping

Depending on where you’re going and how much self-sufficiency you aim for, these items may also be useful:

  • Foil blanket
  • A fillable shower bag if running water is unavailable
  • Hatchet
  • Foldable grill
  • A compact set of Tupperware containers
  • Camping hammock
  • Water filtration system for camping in the wild
  • Portable charger with a mini solar panel

Pro tip: Avoid overpacking as you prepare for a motorbike camping trip. Too much luggage will become a nuisance and may even impair control of your bike, so be space-conscious and only take the motorcycle camping products you really need.

Prepare for Your Motorcycle Camping Trip

Apart from packing your saddlebags, here are a few more things to do before you hit the road:

  • Check the weather before you pack. You might want to bring extra warm clothes for cold weather or a tarp for rain.
  • Check your bike, including wheels, controls, oil, and electrics. You want to ensure your bike is in top working condition before you set out for a long trip.
  • Map out your route and confirm that you can camp where you’re planning to stay overnight.

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