Take a California Wine Country Motorcycle Tour

California Wine Country Motorcycle Tour

California is home to some of the most spectacular vineyards in the country. And there’s no better way to enjoy California’s wine country than by taking a motorcycle tour from vineyard to vineyard. 

Read on to learn more about taking a motorcycle ride in California wine country. 

Where is California Wine Country?

While there are wineries throughout the state, Napa Valley is perhaps the most popular “wine country” in California. Napa Valley is a world-famous wine-growing region just north of San Francisco. It contains hundreds of hillside vineyards and is home to the Napa Valley Wine Train, a train that winds from vineyard to vineyard. 

Yountville is a town near Napa Valley that acts as an extension of the atmosphere of wine country. This town has several high-end restaurants and wineries and is famous for its sparkling wine selection. 

Napa Valley is the perfect example of wine country and one of the world’s most famous wine regions. While you can enjoy this area by train, you can also take a tour on your motorcycle. 

Guided Motorcycle Tours

You can consider several methods of enjoying Napa Valley wine country on your motorcycle. If you’re looking to go all-in to the motorcycle wine country experience, you may want to consider a paid, guided motorcycle tour through Napa Valley. 

You can find many guided motorcycle tours in and around Napa Valley. For example, this California Wine Country Motorcycle Tour from Eagle Rider includes three days and two nights of travel around San Francisco and Napa Valley. Through this ride, you’ll have the opportunity to tour hundreds of miles of vineyards, treat yourself to plenty of glasses of wine, relax in hot springs and mud baths, and more. 

This tour is a loop through San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Mendocino, and Fort Bragg. On the way back, you’ll travel along the famous Highway 1, which provides excellent views of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll also ride across the Golden Gate Bridge to return to San Francisco. 

Guided trips like this one also give you an excellent opportunity to ride a motorcycle in places where you cannot bring your bike with you. For example, if you’re planning to fly to California, you can rent a motorcycle through the tour organization instead of needing to transport your own. 

Self-Led Motorcycle Routes

You can also consider a self-guided motorcycle tour through Napa Valley. If you have your own motorcycle with you, a self-guided tour provides an excellent opportunity to experience the wineries and beautiful scenery in the area at your own pace. 

You can follow numerous routes in and around Napa Valley. Our favorite route spans approximately 30 miles and includes six small towns in the area, allowing you to expand your visit outside central Napa Valley. 

You can follow these directions to ride this 30-mile motorcycle route:

  1. Begin in downtown Napa.
  2. Head east on Route 121.
  3. Route 121 becomes Monticello Road, featuring the Monticello Rocks and Old Man Rock.
  4. Turn left onto Route 128. 
  5. Head north on Silverado Trail, where you’ll see beautiful vineyard views. 
  6. Turn left onto Pope St, where you can stop at the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. 
  7. Head north on route 128. 
  8. End in Calistoga, where you can enjoy a spa day or check out the Oat Hill Mine Trail. 

You can add detours and extra stops to the route as you see fit. 

Overall, Napa Valley offers the perfect atmosphere and attractions for a motorcycle ride through California wine country.

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