Take a Chattahoochee National Forest Ride 

A group of motorcyclist riding their bikes in Chattahoochee National Forest

The Chattahoochee National Forest offers some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in Georgia. With ten wildernesses, 430 miles of hiking trails, and over 1,000 miles of trout streams, this national forest encompasses the best of Georgia’s scenery. 

Riding your motorcycle in and around the Chattahoochee National Forest can allow you to experience these breathtaking views to the fullest. Here’s what you need to know about taking a Chattahoochee National Forest motorcycle ride. 

What Is the Chattahoochee National Forest?

The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest is the name for two National Forests in northern Georgia: the Oconee National Forest and the Chattahoochee National Forest. However, the Chattahoochee National Forest makes up most of the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, spanning 750,000 of  the 866,000 acres. 

The Chattahoochee National Forest is home to a range of wildlife. As you ride through the forest, you may come across birds such as:

  • Blackbirds
  • Eagles
  • Sparrows
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Cardinals
  • Hummingbirds

You may also see mammals like:

  • Coyotes
  • American black bears
  • Shrews
  • Beavers
  • River otters
  • Foxes
  • Bobcats

The forest covers 18 counties throughout northern Georgia, and the closest city is Ellijay. 

Scenic Drives Through the Chattahoochee National Forest

Several national scenic byways in and around the Chattahoochee National Forest offer spectacular views of the dense forestry and wildlife in the region. Here are a few scenic byways to complete as a Chattahoochee National Forest motorcycle ride:

Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway

The Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway is a 40-mile byway with no fees or tolls for entry. While you could complete this byway in around an hour, we recommend dedicating at least three hours to your motorcycle trip. There are plenty of sites along the way that you’ll want to stop and take in from your motorcycle.

This road winds through the mountains and valleys within the Chattahoochee National Forest, providing beautiful views of the Appalachians. You’ll see gushing waterfalls, scenic overlooks, and nature trails along the way. You can easily stop and hike one of the trails before continuing with your motorcycle ride. 

Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway

The Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway is a 51-mile national byway that travels along U.S. 27,  State Highway 156, State Highway 136, and a few back country roads. 

Along this byway, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop and participate in recreational activities. You can hike, fish, hunt, and picnic in various areas along the route, both within Chattahoochee National Forest and in the surrounding areas. You can also camp in one of the campgrounds nearby. 

This scenic byway also passes two beautiful natural areas: the Keown Falls Scenic Area and the John’s Mountain Overlook and Wildlife Management Area. You can combine your visit to the Chattahoochee National Forest with these stops to see more of Georgia’s countryside. 

Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway

The Cohutta-Chattahoochee Scenic Byway offers some of the best roadside views of the Cohutta Mountains, a mountain range within the Cohutta Wilderness. This byway begins in Prater’s Mill and covers 54 miles of parkland and small town roads. On your ride, you’ll pass Chatsworth, Fort Mountain State Park, and Holly Creek, among other attractions. 

Preparing For Your Motorcycle Ride

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you set out on your Chattahoochee National Forest motorcycle ride:

  • Fuel up before you set out on a scenic drive.
  • Pack plenty of food and water to last the entire day. 
  • Bring sunscreen, bug spray, and other protective items you may need in the wilderness. 
  • Review Georgia’s motorcycle laws if you’re traveling from out of state. 

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