Take a Cheaha Mountain Motorcycle Ride in Alabama

Mountain Motorcycle Ride

If you’re planning a motorcycle trip to Alabama, you’ll want to make time to ride the Talladega Scenic Drive. 

This route takes you to the highest point in Alabama and provides beautiful views of Cheaha Mountain, a sprawling mountain range with an elevation of over 2,400 feet. 

Experiencing this gorgeous landscape on your bike is a special privilege of being a motorcyclist. Read on to learn more about the Talladega Scenic Drive and how to plan for your Alabama motorcycle trip. 

What Is Cheaha Mountain? 

Cheaha Mountain, also known as Mount Cheaha, is a mountain featuring the highest natural point in Alabama. Mount Cheaha is part of the Appalachian Mountain range and is located in Cheaha State Park, northwest of Delta. 

Cheaha Mountain has an elevation of 2,413 feet, which is the highest point in the eastern part of the Sun Belt. Geographically, this mountain is part of the Talladega Mountains, which is in the southern segment of the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachians. 

Riding the Talladega Scenic Drive

If you’re looking to experience Cheaha Mountain from your motorcycle, the Talladega Scenic Drive is the best route to travel. This beautiful route offers a bird’s-eye view of Alabama and takes you up Cheaha Mountain, allowing you to experience the highest point in Alabama first-hand. 

This route spans 26 miles, making it an easy there-and-back trip for an afternoon or evening. It’ll take about an hour to traverse on your bike, as steep hills and sharp curves will require you to slow down and take in the beauty around you. 

The route begins in Fort Payne and travels almost directly south through Jacksonville and into the Talladega National Forest. You’ll see awe-inspiring views of the Appalachian Mountains and lush, green trees that give off a bluish haze in the summer months. 

The byway ends at the top of Cheaha Mountain, where you’ll find restaurants and souvenir shops. While you stop at these attractions, keep an eye out for wildlife in the area. You may see turkeys, rabbits, possums, and white-tailed deer at the top of the mountain. 

Preparing For Your Alabama Motorcycle Trip

Before you begin your Alabama motorcycle trip, you should take time to prepare for the route and ensure that you have all of the necessary supplies. Here are our tips for preparing for your Cheaha Mountain motorcycle ride: 

Give Your Bike a Tune-Up

Your bike should be in the best possible condition before you embark on a long-distance trip. We recommend taking your motorcycle to a mechanic for a tune-up to ensure that you catch any potential problems before your trip. 

Pack Accordingly

Packing everything you could need is an essential step in preparing for your motorcycle trip well. As you create your packing list, be sure to consider:

  • Weather: You should pack clothing and gear for any weather conditions you may experience on your trip
  • Emergency supplies: Keeping motorcycle tools in your storage compartment can allow you to fix quick malfunctions on the road before visiting an actual mechanic’s shop
  • Food and drinks: While you can always stop to eat on your route, be sure to pack some snacks and water bottles in case you need them on the road. 
  • Clothing: If you’ll have access to laundry machines throughout your trip, try to condense your clothing to save room for other necessary supplies. 

Take Frequent Snack and Drink Breaks

We recommend giving yourself plenty of extra time throughout your trip to take snack and drink breaks and stretch your legs. A motorcycle trip shouldn’t be a race to the finish line. Instead, it should be a leisurely experience where you can take all the time you need to see the sights. With these tips in mind, you’ll be all set to have an incredible Cheaha Mountain motorcycle ride. 

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