Take A Motorcycle Safety Course Online

Motorcycle safety helmet

If you’re a motorcycle rider, knowing motorcycle safety protocol is of the utmost importance. Thousands of motorcyclists die each year due to preventable motorcycle accidents. Understanding the best ways to keep yourself safe on your bike could save your life. 

One of the easiest ways to learn more about motorcycle safety is to take a motorcycle safety course online. However, if you’ve never taken a virtual safety class before, you may be unfamiliar with the process. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about taking a motorcycle safety course online. 

Why Should You Take an Online Safety Course?

Taking an online safety course is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Refreshes your motorcycle skills: Whether you’ve been riding a motorcycle for one year or fifty, it never hurts to brush up on your skills. Taking a motorcycle course could alert you to a mistake you’ve been making or a law you didn’t know was in effect. 
  • Reduces your accident risk: These classes can help you avoid mistakes that could land you in an accident. They can also help you learn to drive more defensively and prevent accidents due to other drivers’ negligence. 
  • Could lower your insurance premium: Some motorcycle insurance companies offer discounts to customers who complete safety courses. We recommend checking with your insurer to determine whether you could receive this discount. 
  • Improves motorcyclists’ reputation: Motorcyclists have a reputation for acting irresponsibly and dangerously on the road. However, taking this class and sharing your participation with friends and family members can improve their opinions of motorcyclists. 

Note: An online safety course is typically not sufficient for beginner riders. If you’re brand-new to riding a motorcycle, we recommend scheduling an in-person class through your local DMV. This class can give you hands-on riding experience and prepare you to take your in-person licensure exam, if your state requires one.  

What You’ll Learn in a Motorcycle Safety Course

Motorcycle safety courses can be helpful for any rider, whether you’re still learning the ropes or have been riding for years. However, the exact type of online safety course you participate in can impact the information you learn. Here are a few of the main types of classes you can take for motorcycle safety. 

Basics of Motorcycling

Some organizations offer online motorcycle courses covering the basics of motorcycling. These courses can provide information about:

  • Motorcycle controls and equipment
  • Basic operations
  • Common riding situations
  • Preparing to ride

This type of course may be helpful if you are brand new to riding and seeking more information before you purchase a bike. Alternatively, you may appreciate this type of course if you’ve had your license for a while but went an extended period without riding your motorcycle. 

If you’re interested in a Basics of Motorcycling course, we recommend the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse. Once you finish, you can receive a completion certificate to turn in to your insurance. 

Defensive Riding Strategies

You can also find motorcycle courses online that teach you defensive riding strategies. These strategies can help reduce your risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident. Knowing how to ride defensively is essential in responding well to other drivers’ mistakes and remaining safe on the road. 

Bike Types and Gear

Some motorcycle safety courses explain the different types of motorcycles on the market and the gear you should purchase to optimize your protection on the road. These classes can be beneficial for older riders who may not be aware of how motorcycle gear has changed over the years. 

We recommend taking some time to consider what skills you may need to brush up on to become a more competent, responsible rider. Then, search the web for a motorcycle safety course online that meets your needs. 

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