Take Charge, Dad, and Teach Your Kid to Ride

A Little Boy Posing at His Children's Red Motorcycle

If you have children, you probably want to share your joys and passions with them. And if you’re like many motorcycle enthusiasts, you can’t wait until your kid is old enough to begin riding with you. 

Many motorcyclists dream of their children gaining a love for the ride and getting their motorcycle licenses as soon as they can. However, some kids are easier to teach than others. Many may not initially share your passions for motorcycling and require a little bit of coaxing. 

Here are a few tips to teach your kid to ride a motorcycle. 

Gauge Their Interest

Just because you love to ride motorcycles doesn’t mean your kid will have the same passions. If your parents pressured you to play sports as a child, you know how counterproductive forcing an activity onto a child can be. If your kid isn’t passionate about motorcycles, making them ride with you won’t be helpful for anyone. 

Instead, you should first gauge their interest in motorcycles. Are they simply interested in riding as your passenger? Would they like to get their motorcycle endorsement someday? Or are they uninterested in riding altogether? 

If you find that your kid doesn’t want to ride, we recommend giving it some time. However, if they have expressed interest in riding with you or learning to ride, you can proceed to the following tips. 

Get the Proper Gear

Before you even consider taking your kid out on your bike for the first time, you should gather all the proper safety gear to protect them on the ride. Having the right equipment is essential to prevent cuts, burns, and scratches from debris while riding. However, safety gear can also save your child’s life in a crash. 

Your child should have the following gear at a minimum:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Durable pants
  • Boots

Depending on where you plan to ride, you can also consider getting chest protection, elbow pads, and knee pads. Some parents prefer to first teach their kids to ride dirt bikes, then transition them to motorcycles when they get old enough. If this is the case for you, fully outfitting your child in protective gear is essential. 

The gear you purchase for your child should fit them well. Of course, if your kid is still growing, you may need to buy a new set of gear every year or so. Ill-fitting gear could be even more dangerous than no gear. 

Consider a Motorcycle Safety Course

If your kid is old enough to get a motorcycle license, you can consider enrolling them in a motorcycle safety course. 

Most states require such a course before receiving your motorcycle endorsement on your license. However, these courses can also act as excellent introductions to the basics of riding, allowing your child to decide for themself if they want to continue. 

If your child is too young to get their motorcycle endorsement, you can look into dirt bike courses instead. Dirt bikes and motorcycles are very similar in their operations and mechanics. 

Go Slow and Steady

Whether you decide to enroll your kid in a class or not, a lot of the teaching will come down to you. We recommend being patient as you teach your child the basics of riding, whether you instruct them how to be a good passenger or how to operate their own bike. 

Your child should first feel comfortable sitting on a parked motorcycle. Then, you can transition to riding around your neighborhood before hitting the actual roads. 

Your child has the rest of their life to become a master rider. For now, they simply need to learn the craft. 

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