Taking a Louisiana Motorcycle Safety Class

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Motorcycle safety courses help new riders learn about the safe operation of their bikes on the road with motorists driving cars, trucks, and other large vehicles. Whether you’re learning how to ride for the first time or want to test your skills, taking a Louisiana motorcycle safety class can help you ride more safely.

Is a Louisiana Motorcycle Safety Class Required for Motorcycle Endorsement?

You do not have to take a motorcycle safety class for your motorcycle endorsement in Louisiana unless required by a third party such as an employer (police, National Guard, etc.).

Louisiana does not require adult riders or riders under 18 to complete a motorcycle safety course. However, a safety class can replace the on-cycle skills test and may reduce insurance rates for your motorcycle policy. Additionally, the basic rider course for beginners can replace the written test.

To get a motorcycle endorsement in Louisiana, you typically need to:

  1. Submit an application at your local OMV office.
  2. Provide two valid IDs.
  3. Pay the endorsement fee.
  4. Pass the written motorcycle knowledge exam (which you can skip if you pass the basic rider course).
  5. Pass the on-cycle skills test (which you can skip upon passing any Louisiana motorcycle safety class approved by the Department of Public Safety).

Verify with your local Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) that you intend to take a motorcycle safety course to bypass the written or on-cycle skills test to determine if you are eligible to use the course credit for your endorsement.

Types of Motorcycle Operator Training Courses

The state of Louisiana offers four motorcycle training courses for riders of all skill levels.

1. Basic Rider Course

Most people think of the basic rider course when you mention a motorcycle safety class. This class is a 15+ hour course for beginner motorcyclists. The course content includes basic motorcycle functions, evasive maneuvers, and risk management. Graduates may use course credit in place of the written and on-cycle portions of the motorcycle endorsement process.

2. Intermediate Course

The intermediate course is for riders who want to practice braking, cornering, risk management, and evasive maneuvers. To take the intermediate class, you must have your motorcycle endorsement or have graduated from the basic course.

3. Advanced Course

The advanced course offers range exercises for licensed motorcyclists to practice crash-avoidance skills with a motorcycle.

4. Instructor Preparation Course

If you want to become an instructor to teach motorcycle safety courses, you can register for this 65-hour course available over three consecutive weekends. Registrants must be 21 or older, ride regularly, and have an interest in reducing the motorcycle accident and fatality rate. Graduates will receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach national certification.

Benefits of Taking a Louisiana Motorcycle Safety Class

The primary benefit of taking the motorcycle safety course is that you can bypass the written and on-cycle tests to get your motorcycle endorsement. The second is that you may be eligible for a discount on your motorcycle insurance with proof of passing the motorcycle safety class.

You must carry separate motorcycle insurance in Louisiana with minimum liability coverage. With a certificate from a motorcycle safety class, you could save on your monthly premiums.

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