Test the Twisty Lowman Loop Motorcycle Ride near Boise

Twisty Lowman Loop Motorcycle Ride

Every area is known for having a favorite motorcycle ride, and southwest Idaho is no exception. Here, it’s the Twisty Lowman Loop motorcycle ride. The star of this 152-mile loop is the tiny town of Lowman, about 75 miles northeast of Boise. 

This ride is aptly named “Twisty Lowman,” thanks to being known for being one Idaho’s “twistiest” rides.

 About Lowman in Idaho

This rural town is sparsely populated, with only 42 residents counted at the last census. It’s situated at a relatively low elevation compared to the rest of Lowman Loop, clocking in at a “mere” 3,800 feet. The highlight of the town (besides the peace and quiet) is the South Fork Payette River.

Despite the small population, there’s no shortage of things to enjoy in Lowman. This is especially apt if you live within driving distance from Boise. 

Lowman Loop Ride Highlights

  • Mores Creek Summit: Standing at an elevation of just over 6,000 feet, you’ll see plenty of snow during the winter and early spring season. This mountain pass is nothing short of fun to ride, and it’s a popular destination in winter months because it stays open year-round.
  • Banner Summit: A little higher than Mores Creek Summit, Banner Summit tops 7,000 feet. The two-lane paved road spans 58 miles and is in relatively good condition with a fair share of twisting turns and steep, exhilarating grades. The tall trees create a lot of shade, which can feel great in the summer. Throughout the year, be on the lookout for rock falls and avalanches.  
  • Payette River: After you exit Lowman, you can ride through the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway and traverse along the Payette River. This river is known for having some of the most spectacular white water rapids on earth. If you have time for a break, pull over and soak in the therapeutic hot springs.

Scenic Stops along the Lowman Loop Ride

If you’ve got time to take in the scenery, make sure you drink in the following natural marvels:

  • Mores Creek: Your fingers might be feeling the bite after navigating the twists and turns of Mores Creek Summit, so if you want to breathe some warmth back into your extremities, take a break at Mores Creek. There are plenty of wide shoulders and grasslands to pull over and see the vast expanse of water and tree-dotted hills.
  • Lowman Descent: This ride has a lot of elevation, and by the time you make your descent into Lowman, you’ll be feeling the thaw. The change in elevation leaves plenty of opportunity to see lush valleys and pretty pines as you crest various hills. If you ride when the seasons are changing, you might even see the leaves turn colors.
  • Trudy’s Kitchen: A restaurant is not necessarily scenic, but Trudy’s Kitchen is a favorite among Lowman Loop veterans. The food is warm and hearty, but really, the restaurant is known for its pies. Save room for dessert!

Without stopping, you can expect this ride in about three to four hours, depending on your bike. However, if you’re hovering around the three-hour mark, you’ll want to slow down to avoid unnecessary risks and speeding tickets.

Never Ride Alone With Law Tigers on Your Side

Riding through crisp mountain air is one of the best feelings imaginable, but beware of speed traps, especially in Idaho City. And remember, no matter how safe you ride, accidents are always a possibility.

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