Texas Motorcycle Rides: Gruene-Fredericksburg-Bandera Loop

Texas Motorcycle Ride

If you’re ever near San Antonio, TX, you should put the Gruene-Fredericksburg-Bandera Loop motorcycle ride on your bucket list. It’s a beautiful ride through the scenic Texas Hill Country, where you can see historical sights, visit famous attractions, and take in Instagram-worthy views. Grab your bike, hit the road, and create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

The Route

Your route begins in historic Gruene, TX, by going northwest on State Highway 306 around Canyon Lake. Get on State Highway 32, heading west toward Blanco and State Highway 281. Make a left turn onto State Highway 1623 to State Highway 1888 and continue until you reach State Highway 1376.

When you get to State Highway 1376, turn right. You’ll ride by Luckenbach and keep going until you intersect with State Highway 290. At that point, turn left and roll into the little town of Fredericksburg.

The Gruene-Fredericksburg-Bandera loop often ends in San Antonio. If you want to take this route, ride south on State Highway 16. You’ll pass through towns like Kerrville, Medina, and the famous Bandera.

The Sights

The Gruene-Fredericksburg-Bandera Loop motorcycle ride is one of the best in Texas. The trip includes plenty to see and experience, offering a fun journey for those who crave the open road.

Gruene is a historic district in New Braunfels, TX, where you can put down the kickstand and step back in time. German farmers settled in the area during the 1840s, and Ernst Gruene and his family soon rose to prominence for their cotton business. You can spend the night at the Gruene Mansion Inn, once the home of Ernst Gruene’s son, H.D.

Stop and see Wildseed Farms while in Fredericksburg. The farm has expansive wildflower fields for harvesting seeds, and you can gaze across acres of red poppies and bluebonnets during the spring. It’s a great place to stretch your legs and take a few pictures.

Bandera is known as the “Cowboy Capital of the World,” combining several different cultures into one community. You can walk around this historic location, soaking in its rich history, or ride along scenic trails. Bandera has some of the best views in the Texas Hill Country.

The Attractions

As you ride around Gruene, make sure you visit the Guadalupe River. You and your fellow riders can enjoy the State Park’s greenery and spectacular landscape, observing wildlife and walking down beautiful trails. You could even go for a swim, paddle around, or rent fishing gear if you have time.

Your Gruene-Fredericksburg-Bandera Loop motorcycle ride will take you by the Swiss Alps of Texas. This stunning landscape includes rolling hills and valleys marked by the Nueces and Frio Rivers. We recommend stopping for a photo, tasting locally grown apples, dipping your toes in the water, or visiting an authentic Texas ranch.

In addition to Texas Hill Country’s natural grandeur, you can find historical attractions. The towns of Gruene, Fredericksburg, and Bandera each have a unique history and irresistible charm. You’ll want to take time out of your trip to walk around and visit museums, gift shops, dance halls, and more.

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