The All Harley World Motorcycle Drag Racing Comes to Wilkesboro August 18-19

Thunderous burnouts and gut-punching RPM’s off the line are in store at the All Harley World Shootout motorcycle drag races at Wilkesboro Dragway, sponsored by the Law Tigers, Lumbee Racing and Cox’s Double Eagle Harley-Davidson®.

The 2023 event comes to Wilkesboro, North Carolina for a weekend of family-friendly fun, one-of-a-kind Harley’s and vendors, said Pat Watson, owner of Lumbee Racing, and the originator of the All Harley World Shootout. In a recent edition of Full Throttle Magazine, Watson said the event not only provides great entertainment, but brings together people from all walks of life who are there for one thing: all Harley-Davidson drag racing.

“The great thing about Harley-Davidson drag racing is it brings together every ethnicity, gender and age group on that race weekend,” Watson said. “Together as many we become ONE just enjoying each other’s company and the greatest sport in America.”

Watson said at the June 2023 event at the 710 Dragway in North Carolina, more than 3,000 spectators enjoyed a weekend of exciting drags. Never been to a motorcycle drag race? You can expect to see some wild rides Watson said, in addition to custom bikes, vendors galore, and other custom vehicles.

“The All Harley World Shootout events stretch out from April through November, and dominates some of the southeast’s best drag strips,” Watson said. “The All-Harley World Shootout is not just a Harley race, but a family-friendly event built on spectator accommodations. We design our program around our racers and fans.”

Watson started the event five years ago and is proud of the sponsors and riders who have created a successful event. He points to partnerships like the one he has with the Law Tigers as an example of bringing together the riding community and businesses in support of each other.

“Having the support of Law Tigers and marketing manager Jerry Spencer makes all the difference,” Watson said. “There are other law groups out there that could support us, but they are not the Law Tigers.”

Riders Compete in Several Classes

The Wilkesboro event marks the midpoint of the season: Riders compete in six classes, with top honors awarded at the final season event Nov. 3-4 at Farmington Dragway. The six classes of drags are:

  • Pro Comp Outlaw – competes for $3,000 top prize
  • Non-Bagger – competes for $1,500 top prize
  • Hotrod Bagger -competes for $1,000 top prize
  • Pro ET – competes for $1,000 top prize
  • Street ET – competes for $1,000 top prize
  • Metric ET – competes for $1,000 top prize

“My favorite aspect of these events is the spectator participation,” Watson said. “The support of our spectators, fans and racers are what makes this event popular and successful. People like what we have to offer at our events.”
Entry into the drags for spectators is $20: There is a $50 class registration fee for riders who are competing. For more information, visit the All Harley World Shootout Facebook page.

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