The Family Tradition of Motorcycling in America

A cool dressed father riding his motorcycle

As Father’s Day approaches, we wanted to highlight the roles of fathers within motorcycling culture. 

Many motorcyclists learned the craft from their fathers, who learned from their own fathers, and so on. Today, motorcyclists worldwide are teaching their children the love for the ride at higher paces than ever. There’s no doubt about it — motorcycling is a family activity. 

Whether you’re a dad who loves motorcycles or you have a motorcycle enthusiast for a father, you know how integral the ride can be to your family. Let’s take a look at the types of fathers who ride motorcycles.

Dads Who Stick to the Safe Streets

Every rider knows that riding a motorcycle isn’t the safest hobby on the planet. Unfortunately, even if you take the utmost precautions during the ride, you risk an accident every time you hop on your bike. 

Families often worry about their motorcycle-loving fathers. That’s why many dads stick purely to back roads, neighborhood streets, and rural country roads when they ride. Being back road cruisers helps ease their family members’ worries and gives them better chances of coming home in one piece.

While riding back roads isn’t quite as thrilling as speeding down a sunny interstate, they do it for their families. 

Dads Who Use Riding As “Me Time”

We often hear from expectant fathers that they aren’t sure if they should keep up with the hobby. Having kids is time-consuming, and maybe they won’t have enough free time left in the day to dedicate to riding. 

But we often recommend the opposite — riding more intentionally after becoming a father. 

Dads often use riding time as “me time.” Cruising on their bikes gives them a moment of peace and mental clarity amongst the chaos of fatherhood. Then, when they return, they can be calmer and more focused for their kids. 

Dads Who Teach Their Kids to Ride

It’s only natural that many dads want to share their passions with their kids. Motorcyclist fathers often can’t wait until the days their kids become old enough to ride as passengers. They’ll outfit their kids in the best gear, set them up on the bike’s back seat, and invite them to hold on tight as they slowly cruise around the neighborhood. 

Over time, many of these kids express interest in getting their own motorcycles once they turn 16. Teaching your kid how to ride a motorcycle is one of the greatest joys in life as a motorcyclist. If your kid shows an interest in riding, don’t take that for granted. 

Dads Who Bring Their Families to Rallies

Some dads are part of families who want nothing to do with motorcycling. So instead of coaxing their kids to ride with them, these dads take their families to motorcycle rallies. They buy their kids food from the food trucks, point out the impressive features on the display bikes, and jam out to concerts together. 

These kids do it for their dads. While they may not share the love for the ride, they’re willing to sacrifice an evening every now and then to celebrate their dad’s passions. 

Father Figures in Biker Communities

You don’t have to be a dad to act like one in the biker community. If you’re a part of any motorcycle clubs or organizations, you probably know at least a few men who serve as father figures to the riders in the group. 

These men mentor and guide the younger riders who may not have their own fathers looking out for them. They also act as father figures to the group, always available to lend a hand when a group member experiences a flat or needs help picking out their next bike. 

Fathers play a vital role in the rider lifestyle. This year, we celebrate all of the types of fathers in motorcycle culture. Happy Father’s Day to you all!