The Motorcycle Events Alabama Riders Love

Motorcycle events in Alabama

As much as we motorcycle riders love the open road in Alabama, from the Gulf Coast to the northern mountains, we have more than a few reasons to enjoy getting together. We ride, party, raise money, and race together in various events throughout the year. Our Sweet Home Alabama has no shortage of motorcycle events giving riders a chance to congregate. 

Keep reading to learn about some of these biker events, reasons for hosting them, and why you should join in the fun if you’re a rider—whether living in Alabama or just passing through.

Biker Parties

Parties are a great excuse to get the community together and have some fun. We don’t just bring our bikes. Beer, music, games, contests—and in the case of the February’s Redstone Harley Mardis Gras Party in Madison, free shrimp—ensure good times all around. Just remember not to drink and ride. 

Some parties are for adults only, but others offer fun for the whole family. The March Hooligan Harley Spring Biker Bash in Oxford will bring in bouncy houses for the kids.

Poker Runs

We don’t get together just to party. Some of our favorite fundraising events are poker runs. A poker run is a fundraising event that allows riders to take routes they have never traveled before while engaging in some friendly competition. 

Each rider pays an entry fee and then collects one card along the run’s trail at each checkpoint. In the end, the rider uses the collected cards to form a hand, and the best hand wins. 

Event hosts donate proceeds to charitable foundations or individuals in need, such as Chengo’s Dice Run, an event coming to Saraland in April.

Charity and Benefit Rides

Raising money for charity isn’t always a competition. Riders participate in charity rides for all kinds of causes, from supporting first responders to helping abused children. 

The April Motorcycle Ride Against Child Abuse in Montgomery is among the benefit motorcycle events that Alabama riders love. This event also involves an after-party with live music, but we don’t do it for the party. We do it for the kids.

Bike Shows

Auto enthusiasts and motorcycle riders alike bring their passions for fast machines to bike shows. These tend to be exciting events with food trucks to sample and vendor wares to purchase. 

You don’t have to be a rider to enjoy a bike show. If you enjoy giveaways, prizes, and good food, you’ll have fun at a show event.

Motorcycle Rallies

There’s no better place to show off your riding skills than a motorcycle rally. Big or small, benefit or not, rallies bring riders and enthusiasts together to enjoy entertainment, riding contests, races, stunt performances, and more. 

We Alabama riders enjoy many rallies year-round, including the Spring, Summer, and Fall Stock Law Gap Rallies, where live music, games, and contests create fun for everyone.

Motorcycle Safety in Alabama

Will you be joining in some of our bike events this year? Alabama bikers welcome you! However, be sure to do what you can to stay safe and protected. Remember to always wear a helmet—and never to drink and ride. 

Although Alabama law does not require the completion of a safety course for getting a motorcycle license endorsement, participating in a safety course is an excellent idea for novice and experienced riders. 

Safe travels to all riders participating in these well-loved Alabama motorcycle events. If you or a rider you know ever needs legal representation—in Alabama or anywhere else in the good old U.S. of A.—be sure to contact Law Tigers, America’s best motorcycle attorneys.

Supporting Fellow Riders

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