The So Cal Cycle Swap Meet

Organized group motorcycle rides

Do you want to spend some time in Southern California around fellow bike enthusiasts, exploring incredible motorcycle vendors? If so, you should check out the monthly So Cal Cycle Swap Meet.

At Law Tigers, a nationwide team of motorcycle lawyers, we want to keep you informed on all of the upcoming hot motorcycle events so you can immerse yourself in the biker community. Continue reading to learn about everything you should know before attending the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet.

Why You Should Go to the So-Cal Swap Meet

First, let’s talk about what a Swap Meet is and why you should gear up and attend one. The Long Beach, or So-Cal, Swap Meet in Long Beach, California, features over 500 vendors from whom you can purchase or trade bikes or gear. You can even become a vendor yourself to sell your own motorcycle-related parts, equipment, or merchandise.

At the Swap Meet, you can shop around vintage and used bikes, parts, and accessories or check out the latest releases from your favorite brands. Explore all different makes and models from around the world while hanging out with bikers from across California. 

If you want to sell or buy a bike, you can visit the event’s Bike Corral to shop from a wide variety of motorcycles.

Swap Meet Location, Dates, and Times

The So Cal Cycle Swap Meet is one of the biggest regular motorcycle events in the country and attracts people from all over the Western states to show off their bikes. Attending this event is easy since the Veteran’s Stadium hosts one nearly every month.

Here is the 2022 event schedule so that you’ll know which days you should mark on your calendar:

●        June 26, 2022

●        July 31, 2022

●        August 28, 2022

●        September 25, 2022

●        October 23, 2022

●        November 27, 2022

Except for December and Halloween, the Swap Meets always take place on the last Sunday of every month, so you can go ahead and start planning for next year as well.

The event lasts from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., though you must show up a bit earlier if you decide to become a vendor.

The Long Beach Veterans Memorial Stadium hosts all Swap Meet events each monthat 5000 E Lew Davis St, Long Beach, CA 90808.

How Much Does the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet Cost?

The Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet general admission costs $10 per person, including free parking. If you want to attend the Bike Corral, you will need to pay an additional $9 per person.

You can become a vendor by registering online. Vendors must pay an extra fee to set up their tent. Be sure to register and arrive early enough to not lose your spot!

Have Fun and Stay Safe!

If you want to spend the day shopping around incredible motorcycles and meeting fellow bikers, the Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet is perfect for you. Whether you’re interested in buying new parts, purchasing a bike, exploring vintage models, viewing the latest releases, or selling your own goods, this Swap Meet will not disappoint.

Motorcycles are exhilarating and fun, though they can be dangerous. If you find yourself injured after an accident, be sure to immediately seek legal representation to protect your rights.

At Law Tigers, our team of experienced motorcycle attorneys wants to keep you safe and ensure that no one takes advantage of your legal rights. We love bikes as much as you do and know that all riders should enjoy the experiences without the hassle of legal complications.

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