The Top Motorcycle Rides in Wyoming

Motorcycle Rides in Wyoming

You already know that there’s nothing like the thrill of the open road, and Wyoming takes this thrill to a whole new level.

With landscapes as untamed as your spirit and thousands of miles of pavement in front of you, you’ll enjoy a temporary escape from civilization. Follow the routes we’ve recommended, and when you return home, you’ll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to do it all over again.

Top Motorcycle Rides in Wyoming

Schedule some quality time with your bike, get out your map, and begin scheduling these routes on your calendar.

1. Devils Tower Loop

This 80-mile route brings you through southern Wyoming and spits you at Devil’s Tower National Monument. Take Routes 24, 111, and 14 to circle around and end up back where you started. The mountain scenery is breathtaking, and you’ll enjoy the gradual climbs.

When you reach your destination, take a quick hike to the tower, and experience it up close and in person.

2. Chief Joseph Byway

This route isn’t known to many, so you could very well have the entire road to yourself. Begin your journey in Cody and head northwest until you get to Beartooth Highway. Plant your flag and turn around.

Though you’ll technically be taking the same road back home, the scenery is completely different from the other side of the street, making this feel like you get two routes for the price of one.

3. Beartooth Highway

Once you’ve done the Chief Joseph Byway ride and come face-to-face with Beartooth Highway, you’ll no doubt be hungry for more. This brief 35-mile ride (in each direction) takes you through quaint communities like Cooke City and Red Lodge. Dubbed the “most beautiful drive in America,” your eyes will feast on the scenic landscapes and gorgeous mountains.

Pro Tip: Avoid this route during winter. The road is typically open only from May until mid-October.

4. Yellowstone National Park

You can’t ride a motorcycle through Wyoming without making a stop at Yellowstone National Park. There are multiple routes that will get you there, and they’re all great. We recommend starting out in Cody and taking Dead Indian Hill Road.

The 3,500 square mile park features some of the world’s greatest natural wonders, including geothermal springs, bison, and hundreds of bird species. When you circle back, head northeast on Beartooth Highway. From start to finish, there’s never a dull or boring moment. Every inch of this route is positively breathtaking.

5. Bighorn National Forest

Did you know that Interstate 90 spans the entire United States? This transcontinental freeway connects Seattle, Washington, to Boston, Massachusetts. And, of course, it also goes through Wyoming, specifically the northeast corner of the state.

Avoid this route in winter months, but ride freely in spring, summer, and autumn. We recommend taking a ride along the edge of Bighorn National Forest, where you’ll climb to heights topping 10,000 feet in elevation. When you get to highs like that, you’ll be able to look down over a vast expanse of wildlife and beautiful vistas, taking in the views from a 360-degree vantage point.

Pro Tip: There aren’t a lot of service stops along this route, so make sure you’ve got enough supplies and a full tank of gas before you go.

Enjoy All that Wyoming Has to Offer

As one of the least populated states, Wyoming can feel like unchartered territory, giving you a true sense of adventure when you’re on your bike. Even if you’re riding solo, you never have to feel like you’re riding alone when you have Law Tigers on your side. Not only do we provide legal support to motorcyclists, but we are also riders ourselves.

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