Three Top Cruiser Motorcycles for Women

Female motorcyclist rider

Choosing the right motorcycle for your body type is an important step in riding comfortably and safely. Because men and women tend to have different body types, some bikes are more suitable for women than men, and vice versa. 

Cruisers are motorcycles designed to allow you to enjoy the ride — not get there as fast as possible. Read on to learn the top cruiser motorcycles for women. 

Honda Rebel: Best For Beginners

Cruiser bikes are often heavy and large, as they contain amenities that make for a more comfortable ride. However, heavy bikes can be intimidating for beginners, and their designs make them a little more challenging to handle. 

The Honda Rebel is a popular cruiser among women — especially new riders. This motorcycle offers cruiser benefits within a lightweight build. 

This motorcycle weighs around 418 lbs, while typical cruisers weigh between 500 and 700 pounds. This lighter build makes the cruiser easier to handle. 

The best cruisers have ergonomic designs that allow riders to sit within a neutral position and keep their feet flat on the ground while stationary. However, because women tend to be smaller than men, traditional cruisers are sometimes too large to maintain proper ergonomics. 

Thankfully, the Honda Rebel has a lower seat height than many cruisers, making it suitable for women of shorter stature. Additionally, the Rebel 300 has a 386cc single cylinder engine, which packs plenty of power in a fuel-efficient design.

The Honda Rebel is one of the top cruiser motorcycles for women. 

Harley-Davidson Iron 883: Best For Women on a Budget

The Iron 883 is a simple bike that many riders refer to as a minimalist cruiser. This motorcycle offers a comfortable ride for women, as the overall build is thin and lightweight.

The seat height is 25.7 inches, while the average seat height of a motorcycle is between 28 and 32 inches. This lower build makes it more comfortable for women, who tend to be shorter than men. The Iron 883 is also thinner between the legs with mid-mount controls, creating a more comfortable riding posture for shorter riders. 

Best of all, the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is one of the company’s most affordable cruisers, starting at just over $11,000. If you’re on a budget or want to try out a reliable cruiser before making a bigger monetary commitment, this bike could be perfect for you. 

Yamaha V Star 250: Best Lightweight Bike 

All of the motorcycles on our list are lighter than traditional cruisers. However, if you value a lightweight, small build in a cruiser, we recommend the Yamaha V Star 250. Yamaha markets this bike for female riders, and as a result, this cruiser has several features suitable for women. 

The V Star 250 has a classy, modern look that any male or female rider could appreciate. With a 249cc V-twin engine, the bike rides smoothly with plenty of power. 

This bike weighs just 321 pounds, making it the lightest bike on our list and one of the lightest on the market. This light build makes the V Star 250 easy to handle, while the 26-inch seat height makes the bike comfortable for shorter riders. 

The V Star 250 is a bit of a “baby cruiser,” offering the comfortable build of a cruiser with a form and build many women enjoy. If you’re a new rider or simply prefer a lighter bike, we highly recommend this bike. 

Overall, if you’re a woman looking for your next cruiser bike, any of these top cruiser motorcycles for women will fit the bill. If you need legal assistance after a motorcycle accident, contact our Law Tigers motorcycle accident lawyers at 888-863-7216.