Top St Louis Motorcycle Rides

Are you planning a St. Louis, MO, motorcycle trip? Then you’ll want to add a few scenic rides to your itinerary. 

When you first think of St. Louis, you may picture a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers and dense traffic. However, St. Louis has a lot of natural beauty as well, and you can experience the best of the city’s scenery on your motorcycle. 

Read on to learn the top St Louis motorcycle rides and nearby attractions to add to your trip. 

St Louis Motorcycle Routes

St. Louis and the surrounding cities offer plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy from your bike. If you want to get away from the busyness of downtown St. Louis for an afternoon, we recommend taking a motorcycle tour outside the city to experience natural attractions in the surrounding areas. 

Here are two of the of the top St Louis motorcycle rides we recommend: 

Mark Twain National Forest Loop

The famed writer Mark Twain was born in Missouri, and the Mark Twain National Forest was named after him. This forest spans almost 1.5 million acres throughout Missouri, encompassing 29 counties. It features 750 miles of hiking trails, 19 natural areas, 16 lakes, 14 floatable streams, and numerous scenic attractions. Riding past and through this forest can provide you with a peaceful ride and fantastic views. 

You can take a quick tour of the section of the forest near St. Louis by riding a scenic two-hour loop. You’ll begin on Highway 32, heading west to Banner. Then, you’ll travel north on Highway 49, east on County Road C, and south on Highway 21, returning to your starting point. 

This loop includes a good balance of twisty country roads and straight, flat stretches of land, creating an enjoyable, scenic route overall. 

St. Louis to Columbia

Columbia is another major city in Missouri with numerous attractions and fun things to do. If you’re looking for a fun-filled, exciting motorcycle route with serene views throughout, we recommend riding from St. Louis to Columbia. 

You can get from St. Louis to Columbia by riding alongside the Missouri River. This route takes around three hours, offering a peaceful, laid-back motorcycle trip to take in Missouri’s beautiful natural sights. 

You can begin this route by the Missouri River on the western side of St. Louis. Then, take Interstate 64 to cross the river, then get on Missouri Route 94. You’ll stay on 94 for most of the remaining tour, passing by the Weldon Spring Conservation Area, local wineries, Missouri Rhineland, and Klondike Park. Then, you’ll pass through Jefferson City and take Highway 179 the rest of the way to Columbia. 

Traveling right along the Missouri River gives you access to beautiful riverside views. However, you can also incorporate city attractions in St. Louis and Columbia into this trip. 

Attractions to See On Your St. Louis Motorcycle Tour

If you want to maximize your time in St. Louis, we recommend stopping at a few of the city’s best attractions during your motorcycle trip. Here are a few must-see attractions in St. Louis:

  • Gateway Arch National Park: A 91-acre park featuring the 630-foot-tall Gateway Arch monument
  • Union Station: A National Historic Landmark that was once the largest train station in the world
  • Forest Park: A public park twice the size of Central Park in New York City

Traveling the top St Louis motorcycle rides can allow you to experience the best of the city on your motorcycle. 

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