Tour the Cowboy Ride for a Taste of Montana Ranching

The Cowboy Montana Motorcycle Ride

Central Montana has a magic you won’t find anywhere else. The Cowboy Montana Motorcycle Ride is a fantastic way to experience the charm of Big Sky Country. It will take you through sprawling farmland, vast prairies, quaint cattle ranches, and charming towns—an ideal itinerary for a solo road trip or a romantic getaway.

Directions and Itinerary

The Cowboy Montana Motorcycle Ride is approximately 140 miles. The return journey around the loop should take about three hours if you just want to ride and take in the views. If you have time to spare, consider one or several stops from our suggestions below. The area offers countless options for adventures and relaxation.

Make your way to Great Falls and ride to Vaughn on I-15. Turn onto Montana Highway 200 to Simms, then continue onto MT 21 to Augusta, the first stop on our itinerary.


Augusta may be a small town, but it packs a punch: from a trendy cappuccino bar to a fantastic gift store where you can buy presents for friends and family back home. If you want to grab a bite or get a sudden sugar craving, local favorite Mel’s Diner has about any ice cream flavor you can think of.


From Augusta, ride to Choteau on US 287. The highway splits on the town’s main street and loops around the Teton County courthouse. Choteau is home to some great shops and restaurants with delicious home-cooked food. Make sure to check out the Old Trail Museum, where you can marvel at real dinosaur fossils and life-size fiberglass dinosaurs. 


When you’re ready to bid Choteau goodbye, ride south on US 89 to Fairfield before returning to Great Falls. Fairfield has fantastic shops, cafes, and eateries, as well as great options for lodging, making it a true example of Montana hospitality. 

Stay at a Local Ranch for an Authentic Cowboy Experience

To get a taste of the Montana cowboy lifestyle, spend a night or two at one of the many ranches in the area. You’ll only get your hands dirty if you want to! Ranches today come in all shapes and forms—some feel more like a modern spa complex than a cattle farm. Here are some of the options to consider:

  •     Dude ranches: If it’s outdoor adventures you’re after, dude ranches are the place to go. These focus on horseback riding, but some offer hiking, fishing, rafting, and camping experiences. Dude ranches are also family friendly and usually have special kids’ programs. Some ranches will even end your stay with an old-school hoedown, so you may want to brush up on your dancing skills!
  •     Working ranches: Working ranches are the real deal. From feeding animals in the morning to moving cattle and checking fences in the afternoon, you’ll experience authentic cowboy life. Working ranches typically have fewer guests than their more touristy counterparts, so you can enjoy more privacy and real peace and quiet. 
  •     Resort ranches: Think of resort ranches as a sort of glamping. They offer the best of both worlds: the rugged country feel of ranch life and the luxury of spas and fine dining. Resort ranches are ideal for larger events, such as family reunions and biker meetups.

Had a Motorcycle Accident? Call Law Tigers

The Cowboy Montana Motorcycle Ride is an easy and well maintained route. Still, accidents can happen. If you have an accident, call us at (888) 863-7216. Our team will refer you to an experienced Montana motorcycle lawyer near you. They will explain your options and next steps forward.