Tour the Socorro Historical District Byway on Motorcycle

Motorcycle Ride in the Socorro Historical District Byway, NM

If you’re planning a motorcycle trip to New Mexico, Socorro is a small town you may be tempted to speed right past. But Socorro is home to a rich history and a beautiful scenic byway that makes for the perfect motorcycle route. 

Read on to learn all about taking a motorcycle ride through Socorro Historical District in New Mexico.

Socorro: a City near Albuquerque

Socorro is a New Mexico city located in the Rio Grande Valley. It’s 74 miles south of Albuquerque, making it a perfect scenic detour if you’re planning a trip near the city. 

Socorro describes itself as celebrating “history, technology, birds, art, and enchanted skies.” While the town’s population is just under 8,500, it’s home to numerous attractions and activities that have put it on the map and made it into a tourist destination. It’s also the center point of the Socorro Historical District Byway for motorcycle enthusiasts.

This town has a pleasant year-round climate that allows for outdoor activities in all four seasons. It’s a popular destination for hiking, biking, golfing, birding, and more. But its history is what draws in many visitors each year. 

History of Socorro, New Mexico

Socorro’s known history dates back to 1598. A group of families traveling north from Mexico met Socorro’s first inhabitants, the Teypana Pueblo, as they sought refuge on their journey. The Teypana Pueblo people unexpectedly gave the travelers a large crop of corn, leading the group to designate the city “Socorro,” meaning to provide aid or succor. 

The arrival of the railroad in Succoro County in 1880 also helped place the small town on the map. This development brought cattlemen, miners, and merchants to the area. Then, the beginning of World War II brought an increase of temporary workers to the town on a mysterious mission. Eventually, residents learned that these workers helped create the first atomic blast in the nearby White Sands Missile Range. 

Nearby Attractions

Aside from riding your bike on the Socorro Historical District Byway, you can check out many attractions in the greater Socorro area to add to your motorcycle trip. Visit any of the following Socorro attractions:

  • Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
  • Box Canyon Recreation Area
  • El Camino Real Historic Trail Site
  • El Camino Real National Scenic Byway
  • Escondida Lake and Park
  • Etscorn Observatory
  • Ghost Towns of Socorro County
  • Hammel Museum
  • Mineral Museum
  • Quebradas Backcountry Byway
  • Socorro Fat Tire Trails
  • Socorro Heritage Museum
  • Trinity Site (testing site of the first atomic bomb)

Socorro Historical District Byway

Traveling the Socorro Historical District in New Mexico can expose you to the city’s rich history and small town charm. Better yet, it’s a short route, allowing plenty of time to stop at the city’s numerous attractions and enjoy the historical atmosphere. 

The Socorro Historical District Scenic Byway spans just under three miles. This route winds its way through most of the historical areas in Socorro’s downtown, making for a leisurely motorcycle ride. You can expect this historical drive to take under 30 minutes on your bike without stops. 

While Socorro attracts many tourists each year, the byway is typically not overly crowded or congested. You can hop on your motorcycle and enjoy a pleasant drive through a city with a diverse history, beautiful desert scenery, and enjoyable attractions. 

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