Tour the Welch Village Twisties Ride near Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Welch Village Twisties Ride in Minneapolis

The Welch Village Twisties Ride in Minneapolis is one of the best day rides in the area. It is a 21-mile day run that takes you by the Mississippi River, across the Cannon River and Cannon Falls, through valleys, and, as the name suggests, is replete with twists and turns. The route wanders through small towns and natural scenery reminiscent of the mountain west. The ride is perfect in the autumn as the leaves change colors. 

This rejuvenating motorcycle route is what you need to leave your worries behind and experience the natural beauty of rural Minnesota.

Here is everything you need to know about the Welch Village Twisties Ride near Minneapolis.

A Ride To Remember

This unforgettable day will take you in a loop around the Cannon River. You will begin and end about an hour and a half north of the Twin Cities in the town of Red Ring, Minnesota. This route rarely has any traffic, and the roads are in good shape. However, be aware of gravel shoulders and grooving in the middle of the lanes. Nevertheless, the overall quality of the streets allows you to attack the twists and turns confidently. 

Quick Travel Information from Red Ring, Minnesota

In Red Ring, head west on historic US Highway 61—the very highway Minnesota’s native son Bob Dylan immortalized in song. After about five miles, you will see signs for Vasa, Minnesota. This is where you’ll pick up Highway 19. Take a left on Highway 19 and be ready for some twists and turns for the next seven miles. 

When you spot County 7 Boulevard, turn right for the next eight miles of hairpin turns. This portion of the route takes you through the town of Welch, MN. Near the end, you will link back up with Highway 61 and arrive right where you began!  

Red Ring, Minnesota

Since this is the run’s start and end, it is a great place to fuel up on food and gas before and after your ride. Kelly’s Tap House Bar and Grill is a great option. Kelly’s has impressive views of the Mississippi River, fine burgers and wings, and the largest selection of beer on tap in the area. Red Ring is also the best place to ensure that your tank is full, as this ride is through rural Minnesota, where gas stations are rare. 

Vasa, Minnesota 

Vasa is a Swedish settlement on Highway 19, only nine miles east of Cannon Falls. The town has a laid-back feel and unparalleled natural beauty. That may be why several famous musicians, including Nirvana, recorded their albums in Vasa. It is a great place to soak in the day. 

Welch, Minnesota

When you make the turn onto County 7 Boulevard, you will be heading toward the town of Welch. While it is famous for winter sports, with plenty of great skiing and snowboarding, the town is also packed with great places to stop for food, drink, and to take in the views.

When the time comes to continue your ride, Highway 61 will take you back to where you began. For a fantastic ride filled with twists, turns, and breathtaking views, travel the Welch Village Twisties Ride near Minneapolis.

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