Travel the McAllen to Zapata Route 83 Ride in Texas

Motorcycle Ride From McAllen to Zapata Route 83 in Texas

Ride the US-Mexico border through the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. It is filled with natural beauty, historic stops, and places of interest. This is a short trip, but plan on making a day of it if you want to experience everything you can on this route. If you plan to travel the McAllen to Zapata Route 83 Ride in Texas, here is everything you need to know. 

Quick Travel Facts

This ride originates in McAllen, Texas, and runs 93 miles along the border to Zapata. Your total ride time is approximately one hour and forty-two minutes, and it climbs a mere 273 feet in elevation as you ride through the Rio Grande Valley, alongside the lazy river. 

You should plan to spend more than the estimated ride time to reach Zapata. You will want to make several stops along the way at historical sites and places of interest, and take in the beauty of the big valley.  The directions are simple — follow US 83 West. 

Places of Interest

The McAllen to Zapata Route 83 ride in Texas offers an abundance of options, You will ride through the Texas brush, passing miles of ranch lands and fishing holes. You will also pass incredible state parks, memorials, historic forts, museums, a suspension bridge, and fine food. You can take your time and enjoy all this beautiful ride has to offer.  

McAllen and Mission, Texas

McAllen, Texas, or the City of Palms as it is known, is full of points of interest before your ride even begins. This mid-size city is one of the fastest growing in the entire nation.

First, consider a tour of the International Museum of Art and Science. Then, stop off at the World Birding Center at Quinta Mazatlan.

Before heading out of McAllen, pay your respects at the Texas Veterans War Memorial at 29th St. and Galveston Ave.

Make sure to stop in Mission for some ruby red grapefruit before you leave. It is the world’s finest grapefruit! You can also stop by Bensten-Rio Grande State Park at 2800 S. Bentsen Palms Dr. 

Rio Grande City, Texas

On the outskirts of Rio Grande City sits the historic Fort Ringgold. Established in 1848, it was one of the first lookout posts on the border and hosted many dignitaries in its prime. If you are hungry, grab a bite at the Cactus Restaurant right off US 83 West. 

Roma, Texas

A little past the midpoint of your ride to Zapata, you will enter the city of Roma. Be sure to check out the Roma–Ciudad Miguel Alema suspension bridge. Your route will run you directly in front of Falcon State Park, the perfect place to relax in the shade and try some of your ruby red grapefruit! 

Zapata, Texas

When you arrive at your destination, you will want a fine meal and a place to sleep. Zapata offers what you need. Treat yourself to some fine Tex-Mex cuisine at El Paraiso Restaurant, located at 1904 US 83. Or, if you prefer, the Rex Tortilla Factory at 607 Texas 16. Finally, try the Hawg Heaven Lodge on North Jab Street provides lodging when you are ready to rest.

Enjoy traveling the McAllen to Zapata Route 83 ride in Texas. 

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