Utah Motorcycle Rides to Try in 2021

Utah is famous for its scenic motorcycle rides, and rightfully so. With multiple national parks and an abundance of idyllic scenery peppered throughout the state, you can hop on almost any of the highways and find yourself on a Utah motorcycle trip you’ll never forget.

The good news is that if you aren’t as familiar with where to ride in Utah we did the homework for you. Read ahead as we list some of the best Utah motorcycle rides to wet your adventure whistle.

8 amazing Utah motorcycle rides to check out

  1. Nebo Loop

The Nebo Loop Scenic Byway has it all if you’re an adventure riding enthusiast. A well-kept road with varying levels of curves and technical riding, it also has pristine scenery, and even a Harley-Davidson dealership nearby in Lindon. You can make this loop into a full day of sightseeing and cap it off by daydreaming about your next Harley purchase. If you’re going for the ultimate dream, ride there tandem and come home with two bikes. While we’re definitely not financial advisors, we’d like to think that’s the best use of your money.

Nebo Loop
  1. Zion National Park

We try not to be biased in our recommendations, but every now and then, there’s no getting around it. In this case, we can confidently say that Zion is our favorite national park whether you’re on a motorcycle or not, and the trip through it on a bike is an absolute must for all riders who get the chance. Defined by its otherworldly rock formations and stunning color contrasts of the landscape, the road through it is immaculate and you can focus on taking in the scenery. It is a moderate difficulty ride, but we firmly believe that it is not always just about a  challenging ride. Make sure you get out there to feel a full connection with nature, your bike and the beautiful park. 

  1. Bryce Canyon: 

While Bryce and Zion often get listed in conjunction (it is a popular dual-park trip for any type of visitor), it would not do either of them justice to share a spot. If Zion is the #1 in our hearts, then Bryce is 1A, and we would feel just fine calling it a tie. While Zion features significant elevation to overlook its scenery, Bryce lives up to its name while diving through Moab and through the Colorado Plateau. Surrounded by the ravines and mountains, this road will allow for some more difficult riding if you want to seek it out, but once more, we recommend treating this as a cruise through an unforgettable locale.

  1. Logan Canyon Run: 

Another mainstay of Utah’s scenic byway circuit, Logan Canyon is a challenging 55-mile out-and-back with a little of everything. It has the signature beautiful Utah rock formations, tight turns, and wildlife that will keep you on your toes. There are deer, moose, and bears, so while you should enjoy nature, perhaps don’t linger too long! It is a gradual climb from its entrance south of US-89, and is relatively lightly trafficked. In terms of day trips, this will leave you feeling satisfied but not exhausted- a perfect way to cap off an afternoon into an evening.

  1. Grand Staircase to Escalante

This is two-for-one by design; these quick hitters combine into one amazing run that provides scenery, history, and great riding conditions. It even has the benefit of passing into Bryce briefly, meaning you could pull off a truly epic day if you wanted. We recommend taking the 89 down towards route 12 and just enjoying the multicolored cliffs and plateaus while navigating the moderate twists and turns that define the trickier parts of the road. 

  1. Red Rock Canyons: 

One of the premier rides in southwest Utah, the Red Rock Canyons tour will surprise you at every turn. This is because the ride provides some intricate opportunities to test your skill, but also because the landscape will change dramatically as you sweep through Route 12. The rock formations and disparate colors of the scenery will have you believe you’re in an alien land, but there’s nothing to bring you back to the amazing reality of Americana like stopping at one of the many small towns and their diners for a quick bite. While many of the national park byways get the headlines in Utah, Red Rock Canyons does its best to keep up with its outrageously excellent offerings.

  1. Burr Trail

A technically challenging day ride that packs action into every turn, the Burr Trail is perfect for a group ride or solo adventure to connect with the land. Tight switchbacks are the marker of its road shape, and they are flanked by red rock cliffs. While even experienced riders might have to take it slow during some of the sharper turns, this route allows for some amazing straightaway jogs in between while you take in the beauty of south Utah. There are not any real amenities or stops along this ride, so make sure to bring ample supplies and an appetite for adventure.

Burr Trail
  1. Ogden to Salt Lake

Motorcycle enthusiasts in Utah get the privilege of taking some pristine and awe-inspiring roads from Ogden to the state capital and its prized body of water all in one go. Passing through the red rock canyons near highway 12 or perhaps working your way through the UT-35, this route will highlight both the hidden and overt beauty of the roads that span roughly 40 miles. There are multiple back roads and highways you can explore, so the trip will almost never get repetitive. When you do get to the city or the lake, you can choose which destination you’d rather have a refreshing drink or bite to eat at. We recommend both!

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