Virginia Beach Safety Training for Motorcyclists

Whether you’re preparing for your motorcycle operator license test or just want to gain more expertise and security on the road, you may benefit from enrolling in a Virginia Beach safety course for motorcyclists. Hampton Roads Motorcycle Safety Training (HRMST), an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation)-recognized training site in Virginia Beach, VA, offers programs for both newbie bikers and experienced riders.

About Hampton Roads Motorcycle Safety Training

The HRMST training site aims to equip motorcycle riders with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to ride safely and cope with everyday traffic and road challenges. Both new and seasoned riders can profit from their Virginia Beach safety riding course.

The MSF recognizes the HRMST and authorizes it to issue motorcycle endorsement DMV waivers to students who have successfully completed their training program. Based in Chesapeake, VA, Hampton Roads Motorcycle Safety Training also serves Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and other nearby locations.

Basic Rider Course at HRMST

The basic rider course at HRMST is a condensed two-day program that includes five hours of classroom learning and 10 hours of range exercises on a motorbike. The practical part of the course covers all the basic motorcycle operator skills, including accelerating, braking, shifting gears, changing lanes, making U-turns, and navigating obstacles on the road.

You may choose between a weekday or a weekend course. Each course group includes up to 12 riders. The basic rider course costs $300.

Students will need to bring:

  • A DOT-certified full-face or ¾ helmet (bring your own because of COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Protective eyewear
  • Footwear that covers the ankle
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Hard-wearing long pants

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to complete all the assigned classroom units and range exercises during the course. You’ll have to pass a written test and a riding evaluation to qualify for an MSF certificate and a DMV endorsement. HRMST cannot promise successful course completion or guarantee any results.

Additional Courses at the HRMST

Besides their basic Virginia Beach safety course for motorcyclists, the HRMST offers an advanced rider course. The course costs $200 and requires a minimum of four students to open a class.

The HRMST is also preparing to open riding courses for Dual Front Wheel and 3-wheel bike models, so local bikers who ride motorcycles of these types can gain the necessary skills for safe and responsible riding.

How To Make the Most of Your Virginia Beach Safety Riding Course

When you invest many hours in a motorcycle riding and safety course, you want to be sure you make the most of your rider training. The following tips may help you profit from your motorcycle safety course:

  • Come prepared. Check with the training program to see whether you could benefit from learning any handbook, guide, or set of rules before you start your course.
  • Bring everything you need, including sturdy long outwear, protective equipment, and a notebook or tablet for taking notes. Don’t forget snacks, lunch, and a bottle of water.
  • Let your instructor know of any difficulties, such as if you can’t handle your bike comfortably.

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