Virginia Motorcycle Rides – The Blue Ridge Parkway

If you have a bucket list of must-ride motorcycle routes in the U.S., the Blue Ridge Parkway should be near the top. This scenic byway provides one of the best rides in the country, stretching 469 miles through nearly 30 North Carolina and Virginia counties. 

During your Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle ride, you’ll find hundreds of breathtaking overlooks and plenty of grand adventures.

The Route

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. The northern end is Skyline Drive (U.S. Route 250) in Rockfish Gap, VA—a beautiful 105-mile ride through the national park. At the southern terminus, you’ll find U.S. Route 441 in Swain County, NC.

It’s worth noting that much of your Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle ride will be at higher elevations. In other words, the roadway is more susceptible to snowfall, ice, and fallen rocks and trees. You’ll want to check local road closures and study a weather report before heading out on the parkway.

The Sights

As you travel no more than 45 miles per hour along the Blue Ridge Parkway, don’t forget to stop and take in the sights. There’s something spectacular to see around almost every turn, on or off your bike. Here are two of our favorite sights along the parkway.

Linn Cove Viaduct

The Linn Cove Viaduct is an incredible engineering feat you can’t miss. You can explore its fascinating history and construction at the visitor center or soak up the scenery on one of the many nearby hiking trails, such as Grandfather Mountain or Rough Ridge. If you don’t want to drop the kickstand, ride across the viaduct a couple of times and enjoy the captivating view.

Mount Mitchell State Park

If you’re on the parkway, ride through Mount Mitchell State Park and climb 6,684 feet to the top of Mount Mitchell. It’s the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, and the narrow, winding road is almost as thrilling as the vistas. We recommend buying a souvenir at the Mount Mitchell gift shop, visiting the museum, grabbing a bite at the restaurant, and checking out a few nearby trails.

The Attractions

There’s always something to see or do on your Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle ride. You can discover special spots and roadside attractions, experience the local culture, and enjoy fabulous cuisine. We have a few points of interest, including the Pisgah Inn and Big Walker Lookout.

Pisgah Inn

If you ride the parkway frequently enough, you’ll notice that most local bikers stop at the Pisgah Inn. This attraction sits atop Mount Pisgah and features a lodge, restaurant, gift shop, campground, and public restrooms. You’ll want to make early reservations to spend the night or just relax outside and chat with others driving through the area.  

Big Walker Lookout

Big Walker Lookout is a must-visit for many motorcyclists taking the Blue Ridge Parkway. The lookout includes a massive observation tower, gift shop, and café with stunning panoramic views. If you feel like stretching your legs a little more, you can follow one of several hiking trails.

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The Blue Ridge Parkway has it all: scenic roadways, unforgettable attractions, unparalleled views, and more. You can enjoy a smooth, fun trip and make lifelong memories on one of America’s most famous routes. So hop on your bike and scratch this one off your to-do list! 

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