Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum in Maggie Valley

You can find many fantastic motorcycle routes throughout the United States, but none rival a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs along the mountain crests of Virginia and North Carolina.

This ultra-scenic route will take you past some must-visit attractions for motorcycle enthusiasts, including the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum in Maggie Valley. Put down the kickstand and get ready for the experience of a lifetime! 

The Route to the Motorcycle Museum

Wheels Through Time is in Maggie Valley, NC, in the breathtaking Great Smoky Mountains only about 10 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here are more specific directions:

  • Get off the parkway onto Hwy. 19, heading northeast
  • Turn right onto Hwy. 19 (Soco Road) 
  • After about five miles, turn left onto Vintage Lane

From there, you can’t miss this popular attraction. The Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum provides the perfect break during a long trip and will invigorate your passion for two-wheeled American iron. 

About the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum

North Carolina’s Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum has some of the world’s rarest and most impressive motorcycle collections. Beyond bikes, the museum showcases an unforgettable array of memorabilia, historical artifacts, and never-before-seen automobiles. You’ll find over 350 invaluable machines on display from 25 different manufacturers, including:

  • Harley-Davidson
  • Excelsior
  • Indian
  • Flying Merkel
  • Yale
  • Pope
  • Crocker
  • Henderson

Take a tour through the halls of your biker pedigree and immerse yourself in our country’s rich motorcycle history. At Wheels Through Time, you’ll find well-designed exhibits that keep visitors engaged—even those who haven’t learned to fully appreciate iron horses. You can enjoy various types of displays, such as:

  • Board Track America, showcasing the first board track in the U.S. built for motorcycle racing
  • The Hillclimb Hill, spotlighting motorcycle hill-climbing and how it rose to prominence after board track racing
  • Military Might, displaying the unique role of Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycle manufacturers during World War I and World War II
  • America’s Rarest, featuring some of the least-common motorcycles in the country
  • Homemade America, providing a sneak peek into homemade machines throughout the 1900s

History of the Motorcycle Museum

In 1969, Dale Walksler started his motorcycle collection in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Walksler later relocated the collection to a Harley-Davidson dealership (which he founded) in Mt. Vernon, IL, where he first considered establishing a motorcycle museum.

The Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum went from a dream to a reality in 2002, when Walksler bought a place for his collection in Maggie Valley, NC, which is southwest of Asheville.

Over the past 20 years, the museum has gained popularity and prestige. It’s a world-renowned location that seeks to educate the public and share Dale Walksler’s undying passion for motorcycles. Sadly, the visionary founder passed away in 2021.

Museum Admissions

You can visit the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum any day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Doors open at 10 a.m. and remain open until 5 p.m., allowing you to spend the entire day soaking in every exhibit. Admission fees cover the whole day’s tour and are as follows:

  • Adults: $15
  • Seniors: $12
  • Kids: $7

Please note that the 2022 season ends on November 21.  

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A visit to the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum is well worth the trip. You can easily get there from the Blue Ridge Parkway and create memories that last a lifetime. Grab your bike and hit the road to Maggie Valley, NC, today!

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