Visiting Oregon? Take a Portland Food Cart Motorcycle Tour

Visit Portland, Oregon

Riding the open road for hours on end can make any biker hungry! Fortunately, Portland, Oregon, has no shortage of food options for motorcycle enthusiasts or anyone with a taste for delicious flavors.


When you’re there, don’t miss Portland’s famous food cart cuisine. Planning a food cart motorcycle tour is an excellent way to enjoy the best of Portland’s food cultures while taking your bike out for a spin. 

Ready to see what amazing eats Portland has to offer? Plan a food cart tour by riding your motorcycle to these delicious Portland food cart pods.

Pioneer Courthouse Square

The heart of downtown Portland offers some of the best comfort food in the state. Taking your motorcycle to Pioneer Courthouse Square gives you access to a wide variety of flavors, ranging from Mexican food to brunch and fish and chips.

Some notable food carts in this area include Fried Egg I’m in Love and Amelia’s Mexican Food. After placing your order (or orders), you can enjoy your meal by sitting down in Portland’s “living room” on the Square 

The Barley Pod

Located at 6035 NE Halsey St., The Barley Pod food court offers something for everyone. From burgers at Bam Pow to Korean at Namu, you can find something delicious to eat no matter what you are craving. 

If you’re looking to grab a refreshing beer after a long ride, stop by Baerlic Brewing. However, it’s important to remember that you can’t take your beer to the picnic tables in The Barley Pod. 

Third Avenue

Riders who want to eat at a Portland food cart with a decent view should make their way to Third Avenue. After parking your bike, you can take a stroll along the stunning Waterfront Park. 

Before sitting at a picnic table, grab fresh hand-pulled noodles from Stretch The Noodle. Not in the mood for noodles? You can find popular food carts offering delicacies from around the world, including Egypt, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Rose City Food Park

The Rose City Food Park offers a vast collection of food carts with covered seating. Riders interested in trying something new can find more than enough options here. 

The Skidbladnir offers Celtic food with local produce. Here, you can enjoy traditional seafood chowder or delectable lamb sandwiches. 

Vegans can head to La Taquiza Vegana for incredible vegan-friendly meals, such as the vegan horchata, jackfruit birria tacos, and al pastor tacos with soy curls. 

The Rose City Food Park even offers a selection of Oregon beers at Adda Beer.

The Cart Blocks

The Cart Blocks is a relatively new food cart pod that opened in 2021. The food carts here were once at the Alder Street food cart pod. 

The Cart Blocks offers a wide range of foods, but some favorites include Kafta House and Anna Thai Basil.

Once you grab your order, take a leisurely walk through the North Park Blocks to see what else this fun area has to offer.

Prost Marketplace

One of the unique benefits of eating at the Prost Marketplace is that it offers heated seating. When planning your Portland food cart tour, this place is a must. It hosts some of Portland’s top food carts, including Matt’s BBQ, Little Conejo, Burger Stevens, and DesiPDX

After grabbing your food at a Portland food cart, get a refreshing beer from Prost or a cocktail from Bloodbuzz

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