Visiting Petrified Forest National Park by Motorcycle

Amazing mountain formations in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

See the incredible beauty of Arizona when exploring Petrified Forest National Park by motorcycle on your next trip through the American Southwest. Located just five hours from the Hoover Dam at the New Mexico-Arizona border and approximately 3.5 hours from the Grand Canyon, you won’t want to miss this stunning ecological wonder.

The Route

The park offers two entrances. If you’re heading east on I-40, take Exit 285 in Holbrook to Hwy 180 S, then turn into the park’s south entrance to drive through and return to I-40.

If you’re heading west on I-40, take Exit 311 for the North Entrance to the park. Ride the 28 miles through the Petrified Forest National Park by motorcycle, exploring the natural wonders at stops along the way.

A ride straight through with one or two stops for pictures will only take about an hour. But with so much to see, it’s easy enough to spend half the day at the park before getting back on the road to your destination.

The Sights

See layered rock formations, including hills, mesas, and cliffs. Stripes of red, white, gray, yellow, tan, and more alternate in stunning patterns on hill faces.

The park’s namesake, the petrified forest, includes ancient, fossilized trees from when the area was a forested wetland. As the trees fell, ash, silt, and mud buried them in the earth. Over time, silica replaced the original tree materials and hardened into quartz in the same pattern as the original tree trunks, giving the appearance of wood in the new stone material.

Park visitors should know only to look at the park’s natural beauty, never to disturb or take anything.

The Attractions

Near the park’s North Entrance, you’ll find the Painted Desert Visitor Center, where you can plan ranger-guided tours, visit the gift shop or lunch counter, and enjoy some air  conditioning. The Visitor Center is also home to the Museum Demonstration Lab.

Visit the Painted Desert Inn Museum for restorations and Native art. Stop at Pintado Point or Lacey Point to overlook some amazing rock formations and get some photos.

Don’t miss historic Native American buildings and petroglyphs at Puerco Pueblo, Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument, and other historical sites along the way, like the Agate House made from petrified wood.

See some of the most stunning rock colors at The Teepees just north of the Historic Blue Forest Trailhead. The park route offers several walking trails for visitors to stop their bikes and stretch their legs. Be sure to bring plenty of water for a hot ride through the desert, especially during summer.

Petrified Forest attractions include the Agate Bridge, Jasper Forest, Crystal Forest, Giant Logs, Rainbow Forest, and more.

Finally, don’t miss the Rainbow Forest Museum, where you can see petrified wood fossils, dinosaur fossils, and informative tours.

The Eats

Eating at any of the park centers can be pricey with limited offerings. Head into Holbrook and visit Bienvenidos Restaurant for burgers, breakfast, barbecue, chicken fried steak, and more.

For Southwest Mexican-American fare, don’t miss out on Sombreritos Mexican Food. Get enchiladas and tacos, and save room for some sopapillas for dessert.

Check out Pizza Edge in Sanders if you’re craving a thick slice of pizza. The dough is thicker to support a pool of sauce, stretchy cheese, and tons of toppings.

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