West Texas Motorcycle Camping Trip Ideas

West Texas Motorcycle camp view under a beautiful night sky.

When you’re planning a West Texas camping trip with your bike, consider the weather at that time of year and pack appropriately. The heat in the summer can be brutal, while the winter can possibly bring snow and ice. Keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly.

Big Bend National Park Loop

Starting in Alpine, take US-90/US-67 S west out of town for 26 miles to Marfa. Turn left onto US-67 S/South Highland Avenue in Marfa, taking the road 59 miles to Presidio at the Mexican border. Turn onto FM 170 and follow the road along the border. Turn right onto TX-118 S in Terlingua.

118 continues, turning into Maverick Drive and Panther Junction Road. You may want to turn off onto Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. The road offers trailheads, campsites, historic ranches, and more to explore. Or you can continue down Gano Springs onto Park Route 12 to drive into Big Bend National Park. The park offers campsites, trails, and more.

For the return route, head back to Main Park Road at Panther Junction, then continue on to US-385 N. Make a left onto US-90 W in Marathon and follow it 30 miles to return to Alpine.

The area around the park easily offers a few nights of camping, with options including everything from furnished lodges to open-sky campsites.

About West Texas Camping on Your Motorcycle

Camping is a popular activity among bikers across the country. The West Texas state and national parks are popular destinations with several camping options nearby. When planning your camping trip, you’ll need to plan ahead and consider a few questions about how you want to spend your time on the road.

●        Do you want to “rough it” or enjoy the amenities? Campsites can offer different amenities. Can you set up a tent every night and break it down each morning, or would you prefer to pack a sleeping bag and your toothbrush while staying in a furnished cabin? Book ahead if you prefer more amenities, as many campgrounds reserve well in advance.

●        How far do you want to travel each day? Leave yourself time to pack up and hit the road in the morning, stop around midday for lunch, and arrive at your campsite with enough light to get set up before dark.

●        Do you need some backup options? You or a riding buddy could have bike trouble, or maybe one area has so much to do you want to spend an extra day. Plan alternate lodging and shorter routes if you have to make up time after waiting for roadside service.

●        Do you have what you need? If you’re going to pitch a tent while camping, make sure to bring extra stakes and something to hammer them into the ground. Don’t forget extra drinking water and containers to fill up with water from the campground potable water source.

●        Do you need anything additional? Will you need to bring a camping stove or fuel cans? Store any pressurized or flammable items away from your exhaust or other hot bike parts. You may want to invest in a motorcycle tow trailer trunk if planning a long camping trip requiring additional camp equipment.

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