West Texas Motorcycle Rides: Big Bend


When riding around West Texas, you can’t say no to visiting the Big Bend area. Big Bend National Park offers some of the most scenic, enjoyable rides in the state with amazing views of deserts, mountains, and canyons. Below, you’ll find a few ways to make the most of your Big Bend West Texas motorcycle ride.

The Route

Big Bend lies deep in the southwestern corner of Texas, next to the U.S.-Mexico border. You’ll have to ride for several hours no matter which location you pick as your starting point. Here are a few routes you can take from different cities.

El Paso (Nearest City)

Take Interstate 10 for about 120 miles to Van Horn, TX. Turn right onto U.S. Highway 90 through Marfa to Alpine, then get on State Highway 118 toward the Study Butte-Terlingua junction. Continue straight at the State Highway 118-170 intersection and follow the park entrance for roughly 25 miles until you see the park headquarters or visitor center.

Midland (Nearest Airport)

Take Interstate 10 for about 33 miles to Monahans, TX. Go south on State Highway 18 until you reach Fort Stockton, then turn left onto U.S. Highway 385 (also called Railroad Street). U.S. Highway 90 is your last chance to get gas, food, and supplies, but 385 will take you straight to Big Bend.

San Antonio

Take U.S. Highway 90 through Del Rio. When you get to Marathon, you can head south on U.S. Highway 385 for a shorter, more scenic route. However, you may arrive in Big Bend faster if you get on Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 67 to Alpine.

The Sights

A Big Bend West Texas motorcycle ride offers some spectacular views and must-see attractions. There’s plenty to take in from the scenic roadways, but you can also drop the kickstand and have fun on foot. Whatever you prefer, there’s always something to catch your eye.

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

One of Texas’s most famous scenic drives is the 30-mile-long Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. This paved road takes you through the desert to Santa Elena Canyon, providing breathtaking panoramas of the Chisos Mountains. Heading back, you can get a dirt road experience along Old Maverick Road.

Chisos Basin Road

Another popular ride in Big Bend is Chisos Basin Road. This road will take you six miles into the basin with majestic views of the park’s landscape. Chisos Basin Road is perfect for a thrilling motorcycle ride with its hairpin turns and steep slopes.

Hiking Trails

If you feel like getting off the bike and walking, there are incredible sights along Big Bend’s many hiking trails. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Santa Elena Canyon Trail. Your Big Bend West Texas motorcycle ride will probably take you to the Santa Elena Canyon Trail. This offers a short hike down into the Rio Grande gorge. You can stand beside the river and feel a sense of awe, staring up at the 1,500-foot limestone walls.
  • Grapevine Hills Trail. The Grapevine Hills Trail will take you 2.2. miles along a scenic loop. You’ll see huge boulders, breathtaking rock chimneys, and the famous Balanced Rock.
  • Boquillas Canyon Trail. Boquillas Canyon is a beautiful place to stop and enjoy the overlooks. The trail may be more challenging than others, but you’ll find the views highly rewarding.

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