What to Look for in a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle ride

After sustaining extensive damages in a motor vehicle accident involving your motorcycle, you need a lawyer who can help you pursue compensation for your damages—and win your case. 

However, while many personal injury law firms are out there, choosing one specializing in motorcycle-related cases is easy when you contact our team at Law Tigers. We can link you to a lawyer near you, anywhere in the country, who can work on your motorcycle accident case. 

Read on as our Law Tigers team explains what to look for in a motorcycle accident attorney or firm.

1.   Relevant Experience

Any lawyer licensed in your state could potentially help an injured motorcyclist file insurance claims for damages. However, each lawyer has a unique background and practice area. What you need is skilled representation and advice from a legal professional who has extensive experience in the specific area of personal injury law dealing with motorcycle accidents and related issues. 

Your motorcycle accident lawyer should be passionate about working with the motorcycle community. They should also have the insight to investigate the accident, gather evidence, and thoroughly prepare your case. The more experience your lawyer has in motorcycle accident cases, the more likely you are to receive an acceptable settlement offer or win court-awarded compensation.

Each state has unique personal injury laws, so you need a lawyer who is active in the state where the motorcycle crash took place, even if it’s not your home state. 

For example, Florida, Kansas, and Massachusetts are “no-fault” states, which means your personal injury protection should cover your medical bills following an accident. 

On the other hand, California, Texas, and Colorado follow a fault-based system. In an at-fault state, the person who caused the accident is responsible for compensating the injured party for their losses. 

Choose a lawyer who is deeply knowledgeable about the relevant state laws to ensure that you’ll get optimal legal representation.

The lawyer you choose should offer you all the legal solutions you need to pursue compensation for your damages. These services include investigating the case, drawing up and sending letters of demand, and negotiating with the insurance companies. 

Your lawyer should also be willing to take the case to trial in court if the insurance company doesn’t offer an acceptable settlement amount. 

During your first consultation at the law firm, ask your potential lawyer which avenues they are willing to pursue to secure the proper compensation.

4.   Excellent Communication

Thorough and timely communication is critical during the claims process. Open communication ensures that your attorney helps you to understand the claims process. You need a lawyer who provides you with regular updates and explains legal aspects in understandable language. 

Choosing a lawyer who’s committed to open communication will give you the peace of mind you need while you’re recovering from your injuries.

5.   Availability and Willingness to Share Offers

During the initial consultation, ask the prospective lawyer about their workload. An overworked law firm might not make your case a priority, and they might not be readily accessible when you have a question or case-related problem. 

Your lawyer should also share the settlement offers they receive from the insurance company with you. In some cases, lawyers might withhold settlement offers because they want to pursue higher amounts. However, your lawyer should review all settlement offers with you, leaving the final decision about accepting them with you.

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