When You Need a New Mexico Motorcycle Attorney

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be scary, stressful, and overwhelming. If you were recently a motorcycle accident victim, you may be considering your next steps and wondering the best way to move forward. 

In many cases, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is a wise choice after becoming an accident victim. Read on to learn a few instances when you may need a New Mexico motorcycle attorney. 

You Have Severe Injuries

When you ride a motorcycle, you have little protection against the world around you. Even if you wore a DOT-compliant helmet, long pants, and boots during your accident, you likely still suffered some injuries. 

If your injuries are severe, you may not have the energy to navigate an insurance claim on your own. You may be dealing with medical treatments and a painful recovery, and seeking compensation may be the last thought on your mind. 

However, acting quickly is important to streamline your claim and get you the compensation necessary to begin covering medical bills. Hiring a New Mexico motorcycle attorney can allow you to pass the responsibility of the claim off to a professional and focus your time and energy on your injuries instead.  

The Insurance Company Is Low-Balling You

If another driver was responsible for the accident, their insurance company will contact you to gather details about the claim and determine how much compensation to award you. However, insurance companies are notorious for low-balling claimants. There’s a good chance the insurer will offer you insufficient funds to pay for all of your damages. 

If the insurer gives you an offer you’re not happy with, you’ll need to negotiate for a higher offer. This process can be complicated and stressful, as you’ll need to present compelling evidence for the insurer to raise your payout. 

However, hiring an attorney can help you negotiate successfully. Your attorney can use their legal skills to gather evidence and present a convincing case to the insurance company. 

Several Drivers Were Involved in the Accident

Motorcycle accidents can get messy when more than two drivers are involved. If your motorcycle crash involved a multi-car pile-up, you may feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the insurance process. You may be unsure whose insurer to file the claim through and how to proceed. 

However, an attorney can take this responsibility off your shoulders and ensure that you navigate the claims process successfully. 

The Police Determined You Were Partially At Fault 

New Mexico is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that the insurance company can determine that all drivers involved in an accident were partially at fault, then award compensation based on their fault percentage. 

Due to this policy, there’s a good chance the insurance company will assign at least partial blame to you in an accident that you did not cause. For example, if another driver rear-ended you, the insurer could determine that you stopped too suddenly or pulled out in front of the other driver, assigning you partial fault. 

Partial fault can get messy quickly. Our New Mexico motorcycle accident attorneys can help you navigate the insurance claim and receive adequate compensation for your medical bills and other damages. 

You Want to Sue The At-Fault Driver or Their Insurance Company

If the insurance company fails to offer enough compensation or the at-fault driver does not have insurance, you may need to begin a lawsuit. A New Mexico motorcycle attorney can provide legal advice, help you prepare for the case, and represent you in court. 

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