Where Should I Put My Cowboy Hat When Riding a Motorcycle?

Cowboy hats and bikes pair beautifully. There’s one problem, though: What should you do with your cowboy hat during a motorcycle ride?

How To Store Your Cowboy Hat for a Motorcycle Ride

Safety comes first when riding a bike. Wear a helmet during the journey, and don your cowboy hat once you reach your destination. Always wear a helmet!

Here’s how to securely care for and stow your hat in transit:

  • Clean the hat: Use a soft dry brush to gently remove any dust or dirt. Always do this before storing your hat. Regular cleaning will help extend its life and keep it in top shape for a long time. 
  • Invest in a hat carrier: The best way to transport your cowboy hat is in a hat carrier you can store in your bike’s trunk or top box. A good carrier will protect your hat and support its original shape and bend. Buy a larger carrier that can hold hats size 7-5/8 (extra large) or above with a brim of up to 5 inches.
  • Check the hat carrier material: The highest-quality hat carriers are made of premium rugged plastic. This material resists scratches, bumps, and moisture yet is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Inspect the snaps and hinges: Look for powerful metal snaps that will keep the hat carrier securely closed and robust hinges that can weather frequent use without breaking. 
  • Opt for a carrier with a window: This isn’t mandatory, but some hat carriers have a built-in window for a name tag, which could come in handy if you misplace or lose it. 

Wearing a Cowboy Hat in Parades

If you want to wear your hat while riding your bike at special events like parades, you can—but keeping it firmly on your head will require some ingenuity. These road-tested tricks can help

Tie the Stampede String

Some people don’t like to use these for fear of coming across as “noobs” or “uncool,” but cowboy hats have stampede strings for a reason. When the wind blows right in your face, a stampede string is the only thing that will keep your hat from falling off. Just take care not to tie the string too tightly, as that can give you a nasty headache.

Secure the Hat With Bobby Pins

If you have a good head of hair, you can attach your hat to it using bobby pins. Simply insert one side of the pin into the hatband and clip the other side to your hair.

Turn Down the Hat Band

Speaking of hat bands, if you don’t mind some of yours showing, you can turn down half of it at strategic points to help your hat stay in place. The most effective section to turn down is the one with the small bow that allows you to tell the front from the back. 

Glue the Hat to Your Head With Toupee Tape

A more discrete way to keep a hat on your head is to use toupee tape, a band-aid-like tape that you can stick to the front of the hatband. 

Weatherstrip Your Hat

Weatherstripping adds extra cushioning that results in a snugger fit of your cowboy hat in windy weather conditions. 

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