Why I Ride – Andy Toennies, Attorney at Law

Andrew Toennies is an attorney in St. Louis, Mo who has been litigating on behalf of individuals against the injustices and bias motorcycle riders face for more than 28 years. Andy worked to put himself through college and law school and carries that same work ethic when litigating for his clients. Andy has tried 450 plus cases and helped more than 2500 individuals through jury and bench trials. 

Learn more about why Andy rides, in his own words. 

A Journey in Riding: Andy Toennies

andy toennies motorcycle

I’ve loved the freedom of the open road well before I was able to operate my first motorcycle. I started out small with mini bikes and dirt bikes as a young child, and knew a life on two wheels was calling my name. As a current attorney and for the sake of this piece let’s, just say that I was better able to appreciate it after I was 15 and had gotten my learner’s permit to ride.

From there, riding has remained a big part of my personal process, my social life, and has built friendships and communities everywhere I’ve traveled. There’s no better way to relieve stress, see the beautiful states that I travel through, or just take an opportunity to catch up with my brothers during a ride-and-dine afternoon.

My education and work have taken me all around the country, and I’ve spent a good deal of time in Missouri and Illinois. These have been great home bases to ride throughout the Midwest and the South, and let me tell you – there’s been no shortage of adventures and hospitable riding communities within them.  

These days, I ride my 2019 Ultra Limited mostly in Missouri – I’m a huge fan of Bluff Road over by Columbia. There are so many killer rides in this area – you can hit up the MO 185 by Jefferson, or even make an interstate trip down to the Keys while hitting up your favorite roads and restaurants along the way. 

tail of the dragon

Most days I ride solo to decompress and go at my own pace, but each year I add to my list of solid riding buddies or groups if we’re going to go big. I’ve been lucky enough to make it out to Sturgis and Lake of the Ozarks multiple years running, so now if I need a group to ride the Cherohala Skyway or Tail of the Dragon, my crew is ready. Really, the dream is to get a big group and do a coastal trip that includes the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur while hitting up all those other crazy rides alongside it. 

That’s the great thing about motorcycle riding: it’s so many different elements of life in one. I can be a commuter or joyrider near home and a track-racer the next day. I have to be part mechanic, part tour guide, and part tourist on my long trips. For any and all of my rides (can’t miss Highway 1 in Florida – always one of my favorites), I’m always learning, getting better at my craft, and discovering new ways that riding can be rewarding to me.

That’s why when I heard about the Law Tigers, their passion for riding, and the community they’ve built that ties my career and my favorite hobby together, I was instantly in. It sounds a little corny, but I knew these were my people before we even met and talked shop. Once we got some Clayton community events in, it was only natural to partner up with them going forward. 

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Now I get client referrals alongside riding tips from them, and I ride with several of their members! There’s nothing better than being on a group ride, being at a rest stop grabbing some food and drinks, and knowing that your riding partners have your back. With the Law Tigers motorcycle accident lawyers*, I get to experience that in multiple different ways, meaning I’ve truly found my crew.