If you have been around the people who have motorcycles in their life for any length of time, it becomes apparent to you rather quickly the attitude they have about them.  A mindset, or outlook on life, might be a better way to describe it.

Motorcyclists different demographics

These people are not from anyone’s demographic. They come from every walk of life. Teachers, Fire Fighters, Brick Layers, and Account Executives. Motorcyclists offer diversity in every race and gender. Yet when we pass each other on the road, there is that wave, that nod. An indication of respect, yes, but more that we know each other.  Without even meeting. We know you ride. And we know why.

It isn’t really a reason to commute in the carpool lane. It isn’t really to get better gas mileage. It isn’t because, well, you look cool on your choice of two wheels. Those things and more, are secondary results.

Byproducts of a choice, a choice you make for freedom.  Freedom from cages that encompass you and every other aspect of your life. Those cubicles, those boxes within buildings. Those schedules, those rules. That choice for freedom.

Riding is also about being part of a community- a family. We respect each other.  We live by a code. We would give the shirt off our backs for someone in need.  We are brothers and sisters of the road. We salute the riders that we pass and wish them a safe journey.  We ride in countless charity rides to raise money for countless causes. Riders never get credit for all the good we do, but we do it anyway.

We NEVER take anyone for GRANTED. EVER. You just never know.

So, when we tell you that we ride, and we have that twinkle in our eye, and we appear to be so very protective of our fellow riders and our freedoms of choice, try to understand.  We aren’t rebels, we aren’t anything really.

Except free.