Women’s Motorcycle Clubs Across the USA

Womens motorcycle clubs

There’s a whole new generation of riders, and the number of women in the biker community is growing. If you’re a woman biker looking for the best women’s motorcycle club to join, our motorcycle attorneys at Law Tigers have a few ideas for you to consider. 

You can find a lot of women-only motorcycle clubs all over the country, and each has a unique style and set of principles to follow.

Leather and Lace MC


The Leather and Lace motorcycle club has been riding together since 1983, making it one of the oldest women’s clubs in the USA. These women do charity work across the country, focusing their passion on building kids up in their communities.

Furies MC


According to Greek mythology, the Furies are goddesses of vengeance who bring justice to those who deserve it. With such a fierce name, there’s no doubt the women of Furies MC are devoted to the strong representation of their club. Although they are mainly from the Chicago area, you can spot the Furies riding throughout the Midwest.

Sisters Eternal Women’s MC


The Sisters Eternal Women’s motorcycle club is a well-known group of women brought together from all over the country by a powerful love of motorcycles. With so many members from different places and backgrounds, you will certainly fit in. You’ll also have a good excuse for road trips since the club is nationwide.

Devil Dolls MC


The Devil Dolls are a West Coast motorcycle club with a more traditional biker club vibe. Back when the club started in 1999, it only allowed members who owned a Harley-Davidson. These days, the club welcomes different types of bikes, but it’s still hardcore compared to other clubs.

Tenacious Dames MC


The Tenacious Dames bring women from all over Montana together with chapters in each of the state’s major cities. No restriction exists on age or bike, and members share an immense love of riding. Who can blame them when their home turf is some of the most beautiful scenery you can find in the USA?

Chicks in the Wind


This Florida-based motorcycle club is a non-profit dedicated to charity work, mainly supporting women and children in shelters. If you live in or around Florida and love to help out communities in need, this club could be the perfect one for you to join.

Lost Girls MC


The Lost Girls MC is another club with big hearts dedicated to charity. It has donated thousands towards breast cancer treatment over the years. The club hosts an annual Lost Girls’ Breast Cancer ride and is always taking donations for the cause.

Amazons WMC, Inc.

North America 

The Amazons get its name from the mighty mythological Greek warriors, a fitting title since the members stand by a heroic doctrine. They uphold loyalty, truth, honor, respect, and love. The Amazons would be a good fit for you if you’re looking for more than just a club, but instead a way of life.

Guilty Girlz RC


The Guilty Girlz is a newer women’s motorcycle club with a passionate focus on the idea of sisterhood and supporting other women. If a powerful bond is what you’re looking for, this is the right club for you. The club conveniently has five chapters in Michigan so that you can join the one closest to you.

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